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Regional Editor:

Orana Velarde — Bali, INDONESIA


Shaula Bellour — Jakarta, INDONESIA
Mrs. P. Cuyugan, “Mrs. C’s Sugarcoated Life” — Muntinlupa, PHILIPPINES
Susan Koh, “A Juggling Mom” — SINGAPORE
Maureen Hitipeuw, “Scoops of Joy” — Jakarta, INDONESIA
Melanie Oda, “HamakkoMommy” — Yokohama, JAPAN
Tina Santiago-Rodriguez, “Truly Rich Mom” — Manila, PHILIPPINES
Ruth Wong, “Mommy Cafe” — SINGAPORE
Martine de Luna, “Dainty Mom” — Manilla, PHILIPPINES
Karyn Wills, “Kloppenmum” — Hawke’s Bay, NEW ZEALAND
Piya Mukherjee — INDIA
Lucky Gunaratne, “Mumsibles” — SRI LANKA 



Regional Editor:


Mama B., “YaMaamaa” — Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Nihad, “Aurora Beams Life Coaching” — Alexandria, EGYPT
Nancy Sumari, “Mama Zuri” — Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
Susie Newday, “New Day, New Lesson” — Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Deborah Quinn, “Mannahattamamma” — Abu Dhabi, UAE
Maryanne Waweru-Wanyama, “Mummy Tales” — KENYA
KC, “Mummy in Transit” — Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ibtisam Alwardi — OMAN
Adwoa Gyimah — GHANA
Ketakandriana Rafitosen — MADAGASCAR


Belgium Netherlands  Greece

Regional Editor:

Kyla P’an — PORTUGAL


Ann Marie Wraight — GREECE
Mirjam, “Apples and Roses” — NETHERLANDS
K10K, “Penguin and Panther” — BELGIUM
Loren Braunohler, “Toddle Joy” — UKRAINE
Marie Kléber — FRANCE
Judith Nelson — UNITED KINGDOM
Meredith, “We Found Happiness” — Netherlands
Mama Simona — Cape Town, SPAIN
Coretta Vermeulen — Netherlands


Mexico   Brazil

Regional Editor:

Kirsten Doyle, “Running for Autism” — Toronto, CANADA


EcoZiva — BRAZIL
Maman Aya — New York, USA
Tara B. — Washington, USA
Carol, “If By Yes” — Vancouver, CANADA
Salma, “Party of Five in Calgary” — Calgary, CANADA
Ana Gaby, “Stumble Abroad” — USA
Mom Photographer — California, USA
Nadege Nicoll, “Nadege Nicoll” – New Jersey, USA
Roxanne Piskel, “Unintentionally Brilliant” — Nevada, USA
Sophia, “ThinkSayBe” — Florida, USA
To-Wen Tseng, “I’d Rather Be Breastfeeding” — California, USA



Regional Editors:

Purnima Ramakrishnan, “UNCA Award Winner” — India


Lady E. — New York, USA
Alison Fraser, “Mom2Mom Africa” — Cambridge, CANADA
Jennifer Prestholdt, “The Human Rights Warrior” — Minnesota, USA 
Ms. V., “Body, Mind, Seoul” — Seattle, USA
Kristyn Zalota, “Cleanbirth.org” — Connecticut, USA
Nicole Morgan, “Sisters From Another Mister” — Florida, USA
Jennifer Iacovelli, “Another Jennifer” — Maine, USA
Aisha Yesefu — Abuja, NIGERIA
Cindy Levin — “Anti-Poverty Mom” — Missouri, USA
Tes Silverman, “Pinay Perspective” — USA
Nicole Melancon, “Thirdeyemom” — USA


Jennifer Burden, Founder and CEO – New Jersey, USA
Purnima Ramakrishnan, “UNCA Award Winner” — Chennai, INDIA
Kirsten Doyle, “Running for Autism” — Toronto, CANADA
Elizabeth Atalay, “Documama” — Rhode Island, USA
Sarah Hughes, “Finnegan and the Hughes” — New Jersey, USA
Kyla P’an — PORTUGAL

Don’t see your country listed here? Interested in writing for World Moms Network? 

World Moms Network is always looking for ways to expand our viewpoints and global reaches! If you are interested in writing for a FORBES “Best 100 Website for Women”, please send an inquiry to contribute2@worldmomsnetwork.com. The Subject should say: “Contributor Inquiry” (and list your country in ALL CAPS). The body text should tell us “What makes you a World Mom” and link to or include one or two writing samples.

Guest Blogging: We do accept guest posts from all regions at this time! Guest posts should be 300-800 words on the topic of motherhood, culture, human rights or social good. Please include a brief bio, and pictures you’d like to use with your post and their legal credits. We apologize that we cannot use every submission and that only those submissions chosen by the editing team will be notified. 

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