PENNSYLVANIA, USA: Unfairly Compared — Twins!

A twin is one of two offspring born during the same pregnancy.”

I truly believe that ALL first time mothers are overwhelmed. Do I think that one screaming infant might be a little easier than two … sure I do! However, the combination of pure emotion that new mothers feel, paired with a lot of uncertainty; mixed with a little excitement is one cocktail that is much the same.

Friends would often say to me, “I can’t image having TWO at the same time!”  To be honest, I can think of so many situations that other parents have dealt with that I can’t ever imagine getting through. So where some moms may envy my ability to manage, I envy all the other moms for their unique and very personal experiences.  We truly are the same –

I think many of us desire to make sure that our children feel special and unique and most importantly, loved. The task seems simple:

Show your children love, and they will accept it.  Tell your children you love them and they will believe it. Remind your children how special they are, and they will embrace it.   Sounds easy, so why isn’t it working? (more…)

Twinmom112 (USA)

Born on the West Coast, my parents quickly came back to their roots on the East Coast, and so the “Jersey Girl” stigma was put upon me. I spent the first part of my childhood in Northern New Jersey – but eventually settled in Central Jersey, where I will live for the next 25 years! Even branching out to attend college at West Virginia University – I still found myself surrounded by “Jersey” – some things you just can’t get away from!

I was married at 27, and my husband and I transitioned from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. After building our house and getting acclimated to our “new home,” starting a family was definitely our next step. Unfortunately, we never anticipated the journey we would embark on. For the next 3 years, our introduction to the world of infertility was something that we never expected! Growing-up, I just assumed that when I was “ready” to be a mother … I would. Something greater than me had other plans!

After an intense time of highs and lows – we got the greatest news ever! On May 24th, 2005 it was confirmed – parenting twins would be the next stage of our lives. And so it began…I never imaged, for one second, I would be the mother to twin daughters! Today, like most parents, “juggling” is a word I use often! I attempt to “juggle” my full-time job as the Sales and Marketing Director for a catering venue with my job as a mother.

Together with my husband and our families – we make it work! I am so proud to be a part of World Moms Blog. I believe that the lessons I can learn from other mothers are invaluable. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a wonderful community of mothers!

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