Saturday Sidebar: Where do babies come from?

This week’s Saturday Sidebar Question comes from World Moms Blog writer Maggie Ellison.  She asked,

“Where do babies come from, Mommy? Where are you with this question and how much have you explained?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

Mama B. of Saudi Arabia writes:
“I have actually never been asked before. I have been asked how the baby is coming out!

Some friends of mine have told their kids the doctor opens their tummy and take the baby out which may be true for some of them, but I have never had a c-section so I say there is an opening very low down my tummy that the baby comes out of. They did ask me if they could see it I said no and my daughter immediately said, “Cause it’s your private parts right?” I said, “Yes, exactly,” and that was it.

Not sure what I would say when I’m asked where the baby came from… at this point I’ll probably say from God.” (more…)

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