CANADA: A Survival Guide For My Child

1. Do not shave your legs until absolutely necessary. You will feel pressure from you friends to do it but be strong. Many of them probably have hairier legs than you do and are quick and fast. Do not be loose and fancy free like these shaving lunatics. The longer you can go without putting razor to skin the better. You will thank me when you’re 30 and trying to find pants on a hot summers day because you don’t have time to drag a blade over your dry skin.

Mullet Hairstyle

2. There are certain things you should not do to your hair no matter what the fashion trend; perms, undercut, rat tails, and the mullet.  Unless you are the lead in a multi million dollar film and you are going to be paying for my retirement, of course. (more…)

CANADA: Interview with Multitasking Mumma

Where in the world do you live? And, are you from there?

I live in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, a farming/manufacturing city of roughly 34,000 people. I did not grow up here but very close; half an hour away in a tiny town called Tweed with a population of 1,800 people. Everyone knew who I was growing up, not only because of the size of the town, but because my father was the manager of the liquor store (popular man). (more…)