NEW JERSEY, USA: Help!: I’m Losing My Mind

When it comes to memory, I have occasionally had difficulty remembering “things”.  And, by things I mean my keys, my cell phone, paying a bill (ouch!), etc.  However, when it comes to remembering past events, I’ve been told that I have the memory of an elephant.

I attribute it to making friends and maintaining good friendships.  But, that memory is not so impressive when there has been alcohol involved. (In that case, my inner elephant fails me, but apparently I’m a lot of fun.)

Even my childhood friend, who grew up across the street from me, still lives vicariously through her own childhood through my memory bank.  There has been many times when I have started a story that begins with “Remember when…” only to find that I am the only one who remembers it.  It is a little lonely when that happens.

We all have a special superpower: I’m sure of it, and a good memory is mine.  But recently, my world got turned upside down, and it’s embarrassing for me to admit.  But, I felt that there MUST be other mothers who have been in my situation, so anyway, here goes…


Jennifer Burden

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NEW JERSEY, USA: Keep It Rockin’

I have one of the worst memories of anybody I know.  I can be with a group of friends who will be talking about a hilarious event that happened in high school or college, one that I may have played a vital role in, and I have absolutely no memory of it.

I want to remember it, because it sounds awesome, but for some reason I don’t.  My husband refers to me as the guy from the movie “Memento.”  You know, the one who has to tattoo notes on his arms because he has no short-term memory.  That’s me, without the tattooing. (more…)