MINNESOTA, USA: Interview with Jennifer Prestholdt/The Human Rights Warrior

MINNESOTA, USA: Interview with Jennifer Prestholdt/The Human Rights Warrior

Where in the world do you live? And, are you from there?

I live with my husband and three kids in Minneapolis, MN, USA.  The headwaters of the Mississippi River are in Minnesota, but I’m from the delta – Baton Rouge, LA.  Growing up in south Louisiana was great, but it did not adequately prepare me for being the hockey mom that I am today. (My two sons play and I am still trying to learn the rules!) I have also lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Norway and Switzerland.

What language(s) do you speak?

My native language is English, but I also speak Norwegian.  I also studied French and Russian.

When did you first become a mother?

October 9, 1999.  Nine days past the due date, I might add.

Are you a stay-at-home mom or do you work?

Since my oldest son was born, I have worked everything from 10 to 100% time at a fabulous non-profit called The Advocates for Human Rights. Currently, I am working 90% time as the Deputy Director.  It’s a good balance for me.  I took extended parenting leaves with each of my kids and, I have to say, being a stay-at-home mom is the hardest work I have ever done. As my husband says, we “go to work to rest.”

Why do you blog/write?

I started blogging as a New Years Resolution in January 2011. I realized that I had many stories from my experiences in fifteen years of human rights work, but most of them had never been shared. Some of these stories are about the worst aspects of (more…)

Jennifer Prestholdt (USA)

Jennifer Prestholdt is a lawyer and the Deputy Director of The Advocates for Human Rights, a volunteer-based human rights organization that works locally, nationally and internationally. Her work in human rights takes her around the world, but she spends most of her time in Minneapolis, MN, where she lives with her children (two sons and one daughter), her husband, an elderly cat and a dwarf hamster.

As Jennifer’s kids are now all in school (1st, 4th and 6th grades), she is finally finding more time to do the things that she used to love to do, especially running, writing and knitting. Jennifer loves to travel and has had the dubious distinction of having been accidentally locked in a bathroom on five continents so far. Australia and Antarctica await!

In January 2011, Jennifer made a New Year’s Resolution to start writing about her experiences in order to share with her children the lessons learned from 15 years of work in human rights. The result is her personal blog, The Human Rights Warrior. The name comes from her son Simon, who was extremely disappointed to learn that his mother is a lawyer, not a warrior.

You can find her on her blog The Human Rights Warrior or on Twitter @Jprestholdt.

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MINNESOTA, USA: Meet the “thirdeyemom”

MINNESOTA, USA: Meet the “thirdeyemom”

Join us today for an interview with one of our new World Moms Blog writers, Nicole Melancon, the “thirdeyemom”!

When did you first become a mother?

Hmmm….this is a funny question of course.  My husband and I met young in college and had a very long courtship (according to my parents who pretty much gave up on us ever getting married).  We dated six years before we got married, moved from Chicago to Minneapolis immediately after our honeymoon, and then delayed starting a family for five more years!

My excuse [on waiting to start a family] was always, “Let’s just do ONE more trip!”

As avid travelers, we didn’t want to stop because we knew children would be the end of our international adventures.   (more…)

Nicole Melancon (USA)

Third Eye Mom is a stay-at-home mom living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her two children Max (6) and Sophia (4). Her children keep her continually busy and she is constantly amazed by the imagination, energy and joy of life that they possess! A world wanderer at heart, she has also been fortunate to have visited over 30 countries by either traveling, working, studying or volunteering and she continues to keep on the traveling path. A graduate of French and International Relations from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where she met her husband Paul, she has always been a Midwest gal living in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Chicago. This adventurous mom loves to be outside doing anything athletic (hiking, running, biking, skiing, snowshoeing or simply enjoying nature), to travel and volunteer abroad, to write, and to spend time with her beloved family and friends. Her latest venture involves her dream to raise enough money on her own to build and open a brand-new school in rural Nepal, and to teach her children to live compassionately, open-minded lives that understand different cultures and the importance of giving back to those in need. Third Eye Mom believes strongly in the value of making a difference in the world, no matter how small it may be. If there is a will, there is a way, and that anything is possible (as long as you set your heart and mind to it!). Visit her on her blog, Thirdeyemom, where she writes about her travels and experiences in other lands!

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