TEXAS, USA: Food For Thought

TEXAS, USA: Food For Thought

IMG_5665edWhen I was growing up, I had a mother who loved to cook and bake. It wasn’t unusual for me to wake up smelling homemade cinnamon bread just out of the oven, and come home from school smelling homemade rolls for dinner.

In my family, if you didn’t eat everything mom made on your plate, she worried there was something wrong with you.


Meredith (USA)

Meredith finds it difficult to tell anyone where she is from exactly! She grew up in several states, but mainly Illinois. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana which is also where she met her husband. She taught kindergarten for seven years before she adopted her son from Guatemala and then gave birth to her daughter two years leter. She moved to Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and two children in July 2009 for her husband's work. She and her family moved back to the U.S.this summer(August 2012) and are adjusting to life back in the U.S. You can read more about her life in Lagos and her adjustment to being back on her blog: We Found Happiness.

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Friday Question: How do you keep your child(ren) happy on a long trip?

Do you have a trip coming up soon?  Then this post is for you!  This week’s question came from one of our writers, Ambre French, who asked… 

“What are your tricks/ tips for keeping your baby or kiddies busy/quiet/happy during a long trip?”

Here are some of our writers’ responses …

Karyn Van Der Zwet of New Zealand writes:
“Little bits of food in tight spaces work well – add bits of cheese to a packet of raisins for example. It takes them a bit longer to get the things out, but they’re motivated because it’s food!

We also play car-cricket, where each type of vehicle has a value and a truck or trailer means it’s the next person’s turn. Sometimes I read a chapter book in installments.” (more…)

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