World Moms Blog Comment Policy

We think it is important to publish comments that are supportive and opposing, as long as they do not use attacking language, are hateful or use profanity. Let’s make our point and be nice to each other!

Comments on our site first enter a moderation queue. We use the moderation queue to prevent spam, hateful or attacking language or profanity. Comments that we feel are of the content mentioned above are deleted. In some cases, we may decide to edit and enter a comment containing profanity, if it is not hateful or attacking.

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If your comment has not been posted in 24 hours, please contact us at worldmomsblog@gmail.com because it may have automatically shown up in our spam folder. We can then retrieve the comment, if appropriate, and accept it.

World Moms Blog reserves the right to delete all comments that are off-topic, offensive, or detract from the blog community discussion.

World Moms Blog Privacy Policy

When a reader makes a comment on our site, they are first prompted to enter a form, which requests their name and e-mail. This helps us prevent spam, and the reader’s e-mail address is not made public on our website. We do not sell or share this personal information with third parties.

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In the statistics collected by WordPress, the number of clicks to our pages, posts, incoming links and outgoing links are tallied.

Terms and Conditions of Site Use

If you find information on our blog that violates copyright laws, please contact worldmomsblog@gmail.com.

If you use information from our blog, we ask that you please link or quote the source!

World Moms Blog is not responsible, if for some reason, such as maintenance or web hosting problems, etc., our blog is unavailable. However, we do our best to make our blog available at all times to our readers!

World Moms Blog is not responsible for the content on other sites that our readers are led to through links on our blog. We are also not responsible for the availability of those sites.

Authors who publish on World Moms Blog are solely responsible for the content of their posts.

Contest Policy

For every giveaway on this blog, there is an entrance requirement. These must be accomplished in order for contest or raffle entries to be counted.

  • If you don’t follow the entrance requirement your entries will not count.
  • All giveaways have an end date and will be clearly stated with every giveaway.
  • A majority of the time, we choose a contest giveaway winner randomly. Whether we use an automated online randomizer or print out entries, snip them up and draw the names out of a hat, it’s always random. That’s what keeps blog giveaways exciting and fair! If we do select winners based on certain criteria, we’ll let you know.
  • If you win you will be notified by email and will have 72 hours to respond. If you don’t respond within 72 hours, unfortunately to keep it fair we will chose another winner.
  • If you are a winner, you will be asked to provide your full name and mailing address.
  • Prizes are shipped directly from the company providing the prize or from me. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your prize to arrive.

Now that all that stuff is out of the way, let’s have some interesting conversations on World Moms Blog!