We’re going from Cape Cod, to Seattle to East Timor and back this week!  Get ready to be inspired in the arts and crafts department by our homeschooling mom, Courtney Cappallo, in Massachusetts, USA on Monday!  Courtney tells us about her newfound passion and how she has her daughter “Create Art Everyday” in her new post!

Tuesday we’re in East Timor in the Pacific for the first time with our new writer, Shaula Bellour!  Shaula talks about her global life and how she wound up in “the field” again with her husband and twin 3 year-olds.  Come live vicariously through her global adventures!

Wednesday, we’re in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. with yet another new writer to World Moms Blog, Tara B.!  Tara debates balancing the attention of one mom between two children while her husband is working.  After adding another child to her family, she wonders how other mothers do it…

Thursday, Veronica Samuels is back to talk about her two worst Christmases and how she somehow managed to get through them on her post about getting through pregnancy loss from New Jersey, USA.

And, Friday is Friday Question Day!

We welcome our two new writers, Shaula and Tara, this week and hope you will join us on our journey this week on World Moms Blog!

Traveling or meeting friends and families for the Holidays?  World Moms Blog grows readers and writers by word of mouth, and if you like us, help us spread the word!  Additional international mothers living outside the United States who would like to write for us are welcomed!

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