Saturday Sidebar: What is the age difference between siblings in your family?

Saturday Sidebar: What is the age difference between siblings in your family?

This week’s Saturday Sidebar Question comes from World Moms Blog writer Karyn Van Der Zwet.  She asked our writers,

“What is your theory on spacing births within a family, and what age gaps did you end up with?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

Dee_Harlow with her twins.

Dee_Harlow with her twins.

Dee Harlow of Laos writes:
“When parents of a single child see me with twins, they always ask what it’s like to have two? We always tell them to make sure that by the time the second child comes, the first one is old enough to pick the baby up. Believe me – you need the extra pair of hands and eyes.”

Documama of USA writes:

“When we weren’t trying, I got pregnant, and when we were trying to, I didn’t, yet we ended up with four kids spaced almost evenly 2 years apart! It looks like it was a plan, but we learnt pretty quickly that we only had so much control of how things worked out. I have to say the two year gap seems to work well, they are close enough to play together but when the baby is born the toddler was also young enough to forget quickly that they had just been usurped. A bit chaotic when you have a mess of babies on your hands, but I did feel like my 30s would be my child bearing decade, and then in my 40s I could get back to me a bit. Getting there!”


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