PHILIPPINES: How does your child go to school? [VIDEO]

15I’m reaching out to the global community on behalf of a small organization in our nation, known as the Yes Pinoy Foundation (or “Yes, Filipino” — “pinoy” is a colloquialism). I am sharing a video about Justin, one of the children of a 30 year-old public school in the small town of Casili, and how much effort he takes to get to school.
Some months ago, a small public school was featured on local television. The town, known as Casili, is located in one of the most treacherous landscapes in Luzon, our country’s northern province. Casili is actually a government-protected watershed northeast of Metro Manila, in the province of Rizal. Because of this, no structures are allowed to be built.
Every day, the children of Casili Elementary School risk their lives crossing a river to attend class, riding a salbabida (rubber inner tube) or bamboo balsa (raft). Their lives are especially at risk during the rainy season when the river becomes a fifty-feet deep raging waterway. (more…)

Martine de Luna (Philippines)

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