This week we asked our writers,

 “What is your favorite grab ‘n go or quick fix food?”

 Here’s what some of our busy moms had to say…


Maggie Ellison of South Carolina, USA writes:

“On the go, I grab a banana, cheese stick and an apple juice box for the kids.  I’ve been working on adding carrots to that and so far, so good.  If they need more, I will throw some pretzels or crackers in a bag.  It all just depends what we have and what we will be doing.”


A. Roselyn of California, USA writes:

“Our favorite quick fix is homemade pizza. We keep prepared dough in the house and have “pizza night” often. It is healthier than take-out pizza since we are controlling the toppings and the girls eat every bite.”


Veronica Samuels of New Jersey, USA writes:
“For the morning-rush-out-the-door-we-don’t-have-time-to-eat-breakfast, my go to food is frozen whole wheat organic waffles. I pop them in the toaster while we’re getting ready, and just bring them in the car. If I have more time, I throw some blueberries and sunflower seeds in a little bowl, too.”


Karyn Van Der Zwet of New Zealand writes:

“No recipe needed: bananas.

When we have children at varying stages of life there is always one travelling in the car when they should be eating, bananas are quick, compact, and most children like them. Apples are also good. As long as you remember to take a plastic bag for the rubbish, and remove any old ones…fabulous!”


Tara B. of Washington State, USA writes:

“For a quick, vitamin packed breakfast, we rely on fruit smoothies, but not like the ones that you get in the mall that are filled with ice cream and other treats. We blend fresh fruit, plain yogurt, milk and a little juice. It’s easy and gets good fruit, calcium and calories in my son’s belly before school. Plus if you are short on time, you can have it in the car. I have a friend whose kids are super picky eaters, so she adds protein powder or peanut butter to their morning smoothies to make up for calories that otherwise are missed. She even calls it a “shake” so her kids think it’s a treat.”


Kally Mocho of New Jersey, USA writes:

“My two-year-old son loves the “mish mash” by Plum Organics. It’s like a fruit and/or veggie puree in a Capri Sun-type bag. I stock up on mine at, but I’ve seen them at Shop Rite, Stop and Shop, and Target.”


Kyla P’an of Massachusetts, USA writes:

“I have a few favorite grab-n-go foods, mostly from Trader Joe’s.

Here are two from the freezer:
1. Danish pancakes (abelskeiver), from freezer to table (via microwave) in two minutes. Great with a dollop of berry jam for dipping but also delicious (and lemony) without if you’re on the run.

2. Yaki Onigiri (Japanese teriyaki rice cakes), zap them in the microwave for 1 minute and you have an easy, mess-free filling snack. Wrapped with a piece of nori it also becomes nutritious!

For a quick fix dinner, check out my recipe for American-style Pasta e Fagiole on the recipes page!”

Galit Breen of Minnesota, USA writes:

“Our favorite go-to-easy-everyone-will-eat-it-food is “Walking Tacos.”

Never heard of them? Beware: Your food prep world is about to change!

The base is individual Doritos bags (Healthy, I know.) scrunched up, opened, with the edges folded down. Add your favorite taco fixings (This is where you can load up on yummy veggies like tomatoes and green peppers.) and if you’re brave and um- maybe OUTSIDE- walk around with your dinner-in-a-bag.

Shockingly easy and yummy. That’s what we strive for here.”

Eva Fannon of Washington State, USA writes:

“When I need to make a quick dinner, my go-to dish is macaroni and cheese – with a twist.  I throw some chopped spinach (fresh or frozen) into the boiling water right before the pasta comes out and add a can of Alaskan salmon to the mix.  If I’m feeling extra inspired, I’ll sauté some chopped mushrooms and add those too.”


Now it’s your turn…what is your favorite grab ‘n go, or quick fix food?

Join us back on Sunday to get the “Travel Itinerary” for next week!

– World Moms Blog

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