This week’s Saturday Sidebar Question comes from World Moms Blog writer ‘A lady in france‘.  She asked our writers,

What are those aspects of mothering that inspire you?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

World Mom, Mom Photographer with her sewing machine.

World Mom, Mom Photographer with her sewing machine.

Mom Photographer of California, USA writes:
“That picture is me trying to figure out the sewing machine. I am very inspired and motivated to learn to sew because my mom used to be a professional seamstress and she would make all kinds of clothing for us. she would always amaze me how good she is in doing it and how little effort for her it is to look at something at the store and then come back home and make almost exact thing (even better).”

ALadyInFrance of France writes:
“I’m so grateful for my own mother’s encouragement when I had my first child and would ask her for advice (out of insecurity, not necessarily lack of knowledge). She would say, “You’re her mom and you know best.” I think we have to remember that we moms know our children best in order to be their advocate. ”

Karyn Van Der Zwet of New Zealand writes:
“Those mothers who are serene and calm always impress me.”

Kirsten Doyle of Ontario, Canada writes:
“Being an autism mom is a very special kind of parenting. There are moments that most parents don’t even notice, but for a special needs parents, every single little thing that my child does is a true gift because it’s a mark of progress. I believe I appreciate and am inspired by the “little things” a lot more because my child has to work so much harder for them.”

Mamma Simona of South Africa writes:
“The Phoenix answered this question at her blog – Blog By the Phoenix – feel free to “check it out” and comment! ”

Mrs. P Cuyugan of Philippines writes:
“What inspires me most about mothering is how moms all over the world are able to turn to other moms for guidance and inspiration. The more “seasoned” moms are always willing to help. The younger moms are eager to learn, and later on pay it forward by passing on their learnings to the next batch of new moms. No mom ever feels out of place when she is among other moms! It’s wonderful. Read more about her opinion here on her blog.”

Tina@Truly Rich Mom of Philippines writes:
“What inspires me about mothering is that once you become a mom, it’s like you’re part of this global “club” where millions, or maybe billions, of other women totally understand where you’re coming from as a mother. You become more selfless, and I learned this especially from my own mother. You also discover a greater purpose behind your existence.”

What about you … Tell us about those aspects of mothering that inspire you?  

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This week’s Saturday Sidebar has been compiled and edited by our World Mom, Purnima.

Photo credit to World Mom, Mom Photographer.

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