This week’s Saturday Sidebar Question comes from World Moms Blog writer Purnima.  She asked our writers,

“What would you do today if the world ended tomorrow?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

Polish Mom Photographer skype'ing with her family in Poland.

Polish Mom Photographer skype’ing with her family in Poland.

Polish Mom Photographer of California, USA writes:
“I would bake a cheesecake for myself and an apple pie for my husband. Then I would call on skype my closest family in Poland. We would turn our cameras on and we would sit, and talk until the world would end.”

Jennifer Burden of New Jersey, USA writes:
“My husband, my kids and I would probably be working to the very last moment to prepare a time capsule to let those who come after us know what happened and what life was like on earth when the humans were here. And we’d probably all eat a lot of ice cream along the way!”

Kirsten Doyle of Ontario, Canada writes:
“I would Skype with my mom and some other loved ones. Then I would go for a good long run. After that I would soak in a hot bubble bath drinking wine and finishing whatever book I happened to be reading. The kids would be allowed to stay up late and we would all hang out on my bed playing.”

Pic contributed by World Mom, Maureen @ Scoops of Joy from Indonesia.

Pic contributed by World Mom, Maureen @ Scoops of Joy from Indonesia.

Maureen @ ScoopsOfJoy of Indonesia writes:
“I would spend it with my son, my family oh also probably while eating lots of chocolates then pray.”

Maman Aya of New York, USA writes:
“I would play with my kids, hopefully in a pool or beach. I would then FaceTime/Skype with my friends and family who are not nearby, and invite the one who are nearby for a party. And maybe get a massage in there too J”

Mamma Simona of South Africa writes:
“Honestly, I think I would try in every way possible to spread love and comfort to everyone I can reach – whether by means of technology or just through prayer”

Meredith of Nigeria writes:
“I would make sure to tell all my family and friends I love them through phone calls, email or text. I would spend the day with my husband and children and we would read the book “I Love You More”. That is always something we tell each other, “I love you more”. We would also pray for God to keep us safe, and put our trust in Him.”

Tina @ Truly Rich Mom of Philippines writes:
“I would tell my loved ones how much I love them but that God loves them even more, and our future rests in His hands, so we need not be afraid. I’d go to Confession (a Catholic sacrament) and encourage others to do so, and ask to be blessed by a priest, along w/other family members. I’d ask forgiveness from everyone I could, in case I had done anything to hurt them. I’d also go to Mass with my family for one last time. I’d do all I could to prepare myself and my loved ones spiritually for “the end.”

Nicole @ By Word of Mouth Musings of USA writes:

My fourteen year old and I just said we would call loved ones, make trays of homemade pizza -with tons of roasted garlic and caramelized onions followed by fabulous ice-cream and the entire stash of European chocolate

Pic contributed  by Alison @ Writing Wishing from Malaysia.

Pic contributed by Alison @ Writing Wishing from Malaysia.

Mrs. P Cuyugan of Philippines writes:
“I’d get my dream house even though I don’t have enough money to pay for it yet, and surprise my husband with a mustang parked in the garage.” of Indonesia says:

I would hang out with my boys and my husband. We would play with Thomas the Train until I got dizzy of running him around, skype with my family in Mexico and the US. Finally I would pray God to bring peace and comfort to everyone on Earth and ask him receive all of us with open arms.

Ruth Wong of Singapore writes:
“I would definitely spend it with my family! We’ll spend time doing things we love and then I’ll pray hard that God will not let the world come to an end because it’s a beautiful world we have!”

Momma Expat of Paris, France says:

Honestly I’d hop on the plane and go home to the states. I’d gather with all of my family and friends and enjoy being with them. But let’s face it, the world CAN’T end before March, I have a marathon to run!

Pic contributed by Momma Expat of France.

Pic contributed by Momma Expat of France.

Purnima @ TheAlchemist’s Blog of India writes:
“I really dont think the world is ending tomorrow or anytime soon. I have blogged about it in my personal blog. Please feel free to click this link and visit my page.”

Jennifer Clark Johns of USA writes:

I would gather my hubby, our kids and our dog. We’d pack day supplies into our camper and head to Virginia Beach, about 2 hours away. We would eat at our favorite restaurants there and go shelling on the beach. When we got chilly, we’d head back to the camper for coffee, juice and warm cookies from our toaster oven. We’d curl up and watch funny movies until we wanted to go back on the sand. Beau (our dog) would get unlimited bones and pizza crust, his favorite “people food treat”. We’d be sure to Skype close friends and family to share sentiments. The beach always calms and grounds us, so that’s likely where you’d find us. Peace to all of you!

Documama of USA writes:

I would gather my husband and kids, maybe go to the beach for a walk in nature to soak in the beauty, then get our favorite take out and spend the rest of the day in our home together, enjoying each others company.


What about you… what would you do if you had just one day to live?  

And do you have a question you would like to pose to our WMB writers?  If so, email us at to see what they have to say.

This Saturday Sidebar question has been compiled and edited by World Mom, Purnima of Chennai, India.

– World Moms Blog

Photo credit to World Moms, Polish Mom Photographer, Alison Lee, Momma Expat and Maureen.

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