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There are many bright spots in my life for which I am very thankful and writing for World Moms Blog is definitely a highlight. The lovely Jennifer being a close friend is another. World Moms Blog, a group of writers spread across the globe – are near and dear to me and thanks to Jenn, I was asked to be a Champion for Shot@Life which brought another group of ladies into my life that have blessed me beyond measure.
Hang on a second … here we go … an impromptu gathering on the streets of NYC!

 Social Good Summit NYC I would go anywhere in the world with these ladies!

Social Good Summit NYC
I would go anywhere in the world with these ladies!

And just what can all this goodness get together and do?
We can use our voices for change, we can use our voices for good, and together we can make a difference. Thanks to shot@life I step out of my comfort zone from time to time, earlier this year I interviewed a radio personality – on air. Yes – LIVE! For their Get a Shot/Give a shot campaign with Walgreens. Then at the Social Good Summit – I spoke on stage, well, I possibly shook more than I spoke … baby steps indeed compared to the hugeness of acts of others, but I am feeling my way, trying to make a mark in the world, and hoping to teach my children that we have a responsibility to those less fortunate along the way.

November 12th is World Pneumonia Day, I have had pneumonia twice in the last year and a half. It was not pretty. I was told that the lungs are our grief organ, so perhaps while I wanted everyone to believe on the outside that I was doing just fine, my body called my bluff. But here in the US, I had breathing treatments, steroids, medical attention and the option to have the vaccine the minute my body was ready for it. Elsewhere in the world, under different circumstances – my future may have hung in the balance.
Did you know that …

Pneumonia is the #1 killer of children under age 5 worldwide. 99% of all childhood deaths from pneumonia occur in the developing world.

Pneumonia is solvable Pneumonia is one of the most solvable problems in global health. We have the safe, effective and affordable tools necessary to help prevent children from contracting pneumonia and to treat those suffering with this illness. We can win the fight To advance progress, we must continue to scale up interventions that we know will save children’s lives, including continued access to vaccines, proper antibiotic treatment, improved sanitation, as well as the promotion of practices such as breastfeeding, frequent hand washing, care seeking, and the use of clean cookstoves to reduce indoor air pollution.
shot@life and The UN Foundation have opened my eyes to the plight of so many worldwide. I hope that you can join us and use your voice … there are children the world over counting on you.

Mark your calendars … make a difference!

World Moms Blog

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