Ever since my son started school I always have these odd feelings when it comes to socializing with the other moms.

It was my mental block.

Being a single mom, I used to fear about what the other parents will think of me and my boy. The school has been nothing but supportive and treat my boy no differently than his other friends who comes from a whole unit family.

Yes, my boy has his challenges in school.

My beautiful boy, who is a sensitive child, whose mom is quite outgoing, turns out to be shy. He sometimes has difficulty in social settings. It took him awhile to warms up to new situations and surroundings.

Maybe it was growing up alone. I raised him alone with his father without any family help or nanny until he was almost 2 years old. He had no friends around his age to play with until he started school. There were a lot of factors, yet, we are working on this together as a family. Maybe it was being an only grandson for years and having a dotting loving grandma who defends him like he’s a little king?

Yet I know he’s a loving sweet boy with a gentle soul.

When he was in per-Kindergarten and Kindergarten I did not socialize at all with the other parents from his school. Yes, I’d smile and say hi when we met at school’s events or functions but other than that I kept to myself.

I was afraid I would be judged for being a single mom.

I stood awkwardly alone in every single school events while the other kids had both their parents around. Sometimes I felt like I was wearing a big sign on my back that screamed out my status. I hate using the “I’m-a-single-mom” card unless it’s absolutely necessary. The school knew my status from day one, but not many of the other parents have known. They might eventually figure it out.

Now that my son is in the first grade, things are changing.

I have been a single mom for close to 4 years now, and I no longer feel ashamed of being one. I began to relax a bit and not really care about what other people thinks of being a divorcee.

Although I couldn’t be actively involved in school as much as I’d like to due to being a full time working mom, I am so grateful for these awesome homeroom moms.

For special moms who volunteer in school.

Here’s an ode to you lovely homeroom moms:

  1. Thank you for being our ‘representative’ while we working mom have to work long hours.
  2. Thank you for being our ‘voices’ to the homeroom teacher, assistant, and even the principal.
  3. Thank you for passing on to us information that sometimes was missed from the school’s communication book.
  4. Thank you for coordinating the costumes for our children’s school play.
  5. Thank you for helping individual kids who sometimes struggle alone and would be missed by the teacher or assistant because they are shy – just like my little boy.
  6. Thank you for the solidarity in watching and keep an eye on all our children there.
  7. Thank you for snapping pictures of school events and sharing them with us moms who couldn’t be there.
  8. Thank you for arranging a car pool.
  9. Thank you for devoting your time for our children.
  10. Thank you for being the wonderful ladies that you are.

This year, I am so grateful for these beautiful soul moms who have welcomed me warmly into the group.

Are you a homeroom mom? Are you actively involved in your children’s school?

This is an original post for World Moms Blog by Maureen of  Scoops of Joy.

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