tanzaniaDear Zuri Gabriella,
You are 4! Just like that, in a blink of an eye. Now, before Dad and I blink again, and you are moving out of the house, please indulge me as I share my birthday wishes for your life as you grow.
Love God.  Your faith and trust in Him will sustain you through this life. Pray for everything and sometimes pray for nothing.
Be Kind.  I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world, but beauty is nothing without kindness. Be kind. Be gentle.
Be Happy.  As you demonstrate every day, happiness is in the little things. Keep still; be centered.  Happiness is all around.
Love Yourself.  It is important, my darling girl, to see yourself through your own eyes, and to love yourself with your own heart.
Be Of Significant Service.  Live a life of purpose. Your father and I will continue to raise you to understand the importance of serving others, especially those in need.  Know that your service is of significance.
Do The Right Thing.  This is not always easy.  Even Mamma has made–and will continue to make–a lot of mistakes!  You will, too.  Everyone does.  But, I strive to do the right thing and to be quick to apologize when I fail.  As you always say, it’s important to “be nice.”
Love you always,
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