Did you enjoy reading about different cultures of parenting in our Link-up last week? Thanks to everyone who participated! Now, let’s get ready for another exciting week!

On Monday, we will be in Arkansas, welcoming back Margie Bryant, who had to take a break for a while. Margie tells us about her mother, who has overcome many hardships in her life and sounds like a pretty amazing person!

On Tuesday we head out to California to hear from Angela Y. In a post that reminds us why moms really are super-heroes, she gives an account of a day in the life of a mom – all before 9:00 a.m.!

On Wednesday, we will be in Washington talking about religion! Tara B. talks about the role religion plays in her life, and what influence she sees it having on her children as they grow up.

On Thursday, grab your passport, because we’re off to Australia! Fiona at Inspiration To Dream ponders the question of whether we sometimes over-parent our kids? Are we equipping them to fight their battles and deal with some of life’s less pleasant aspects? Or are we wrapping them in cotton wool to their detriment?

And on Friday, we will be traveling to Canada to hear from Kirsten Doyle, who writes a special post for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the United States). Kirsten takes the role of veterans in our society very seriously, and talks about the importance of preserving history for our children.

We have lots of extras this week! On Monday, World Moms Blog founder Jennifer Burden will post a link to a post on By Word Of Mouth Musings, and on Wednesday evening she will share with us a social good post for the Million Moms Challenge.

In writer interviews this week, we will hear from Kristen Kolb of Switzerland on Tuesday, and Ruth Wong from Singapore on Thursday.

This week, we will have a special edition of the Saturday Sidebar dedicated to World Pneumonia Day.

In other news this week, scheduling editor Kirsten Doyle’s blog has been nominated as one of the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs! To help her win a place in the top 25, you can vote for her once every 24 hours until November 17th.

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