Having just been for my 18-week scan, and seeing that all is well, I feel like I am finally starting to relax a bit. After two miscarriages last year, I have been careful not to get my hopes up too much, but now I feel like I can start to think about the future.

The morning sickness is starting to ease off slowly (after having it 24 hours a day, it is only in the morning now) and I am starting to feel like having my latte in the morning, so I think it is going the right way now. (It probably also helps that spring is finally here and that the days are longer and lighter).

We are so excited about having number two – but at the same time, it is slightly scary.

Maybe ‘scary’ isn’t the right word, but we know it will change our current life, and especially the life of our wee lad who has just turned two. How do we go about preparing him for this big change, and how do we best take care of him through all this? I am quite tired at the moment, and have a feeling it is going to get worse (I am not one of those mothers who ‘glow’ during pregnancy and get extra energy; I am quite the opposite! ) – and I can’t blame ‘the tummy’ for being tired all the time, as I don’t want him to ‘dislike’ the baby even before it is born!

Getting a sibling most be one of the biggest and most drastic changes that will have happened in his 2 years: suddenly (although I am hoping we can get him used to it slowly) having to share his parents and getting less attention. He will move from his current bed into a ‘big boy bed’, and his pram will be used by the new baby. Of course, these are things that would happen even without a new baby, but I am concerned that he will hold a grudge towards the new baby.

I am worried about saying ‘you are a big boy now’ too often, as of course he is growing up and I think it is great that he can do more and more things on his own, and I see how proud he is when can do things, but I don’t want to push him too much, as he is still a little boy and he should be allowed to be.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will probably have noticed by now that I am a worrier, and I know that things will turn out ok in the end…

… but I would love to get some advice from other mothers about how to be ‘a mother of two’!

This is an original World Moms Blog post by Astrid Warren in Oslo, Norway.  Astrid can be found on Twitter @MrsSWarren. You can also find her blogging at QuintessentiallyBurrows. (She previously used then pen-name Asta Burrows).

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Astrid Warren (Norway)

Astrid is a Norwegian thirty something, married, working mum to a wee lad who is almost three and a baby born in 2012! She grew up in Norway, but moved to London, England after she met her husband. After living there during her twenties, she has since returned to Norway and settled down in her nation's capital of Oslo to raise her family. She finds herself slowly turning into her own mother as her free time is spent reading, walking, knitting and meeting up with other mums for coffee. (Ok, she still secretly loves going to the pub, too!). However, there isn't much time for any of the above, as she now enjoys spending most of her time crawling around on the floor, while playing with her children! Check out her blog, Quintessentially Burrows. She's also on Twitter @MrsSWarren.

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