This week World Moms Blog writer Ms. V. asks,

“Monetary costs aside, what do you perceive as the pros and cons of raising an only child?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

Mamma Simona of South Africa writes:
“I’ve found that only children are usually very gifted academically but not as good on the social front. We chose to have 2 children relatively close together (3 yrs) because my hubby’s experience of being 8 yrs younger than his sister had the negatives of being an only child (e.g. EXTREMELY overprotective mother and nobody to play with) without the positive of being better off financially! Please don’t everybody jump down my throat now – this is just MY experience and I’m quite sure that not everyone is the same!”

Susie Newday of Israel writes:
“As a nurse, I see the struggles only children have when dealing with a sick parent who has aged. And when both parents are sick and there is only one child it is heartbreaking on both ends. Not that I am saying people should have more kids to take care of them as they age, I am just pointing out that there is more burden placed eventually on an only child.”

Multitasking Mumma of Ontario, Canada writes:
“Oh this one is in the forefront of our minds right now! For pros I can tell you that we would give all of our attention to just one! We could spend all of our extra money on just one and take just one on vacation with us. It’s easier to find a babysitter for just one as well as daycare space. BUT she’s alone with no sibling to play with and is always asking for kids, she’s a social butterfly. We have lots of love to give and would like to show her how to embrace a sibling.”

Maggie Ellison of South Carolina, USA writes:
“Pros: You can give that one child everything, all your attention, love, etc.
Cons: The only child doesn’t have another child at home to relate to, to be close to, etc.”

Maman Aya of New York, USA writes:
“I think growing up with a sibling you are never alone. You learn how to share and will always have each other when you are older, and have perhaps lost your parents.  When you are young, you learn things from each other. My son is learning responsibility and how to be more caring and loving from his sister. My daughter is learning socialization and playing with others from her brother.

On the other hand, it is much more difficult to have 2. We used to be able to have alone time whenever needed, since there was always another parent there to watch 1 child. With 2, it’s now a 1:1 ratio, which means we don’t get that alone time as easily. Still, I would not have it any other way, the benefits of my children growing up and sharing experiences with a sibling far outweigh my need for some alone time in the first few years of their lives (I see the benefits already!)”

Tatterscoops of Indonesia writes:
“Interesting question for sure. My boy have 2 half-brothers and another half-brother on the way but in my side of the family…he’s the first grandson, and my only child. The cons so far is how it’s a bit of a challenge to teach him to share since he’s the first everything on my side of the family – my parents tend to spoil him rotten. That’s the only drawback and oh, he doesn’t really have many friends outside of school friends, so sometimes I feel bad for him. Pros: he’s very independent from early on and we have a really great bond together.”

Eva Fannon of Washington State, USA writes:
“This makes me think of that song by Three Dog Night that starts with ‘One is the loneliest number…

Since I was young, I knew that if I ever had children, it would never be just one – even if that meant adopting.  My family means the world to me!  I grew up with two brothers and a half-brother and I’ve lots of things with them and from them….sharing, patience, and sticking up for each other come to mind right away 🙂  I am also part of a big family – lots of uncles, aunts and cousins.  I love having my family network… one that turns to each other to share the joy, but also turns to each other when they are in need of a helping hand.  That’s what family is all about!  I felt that if I had an only child, I would be minimizing all of this for him/her. I am blessed with my two girls.”

What do you think…what are the pros and cons of raising an only child?  

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