Since we are headed on a blogcation, we thought we would leave you, our readers, with some links to some of our favorite posts to catch up on some reading while we’re away.

Tara B. of Washington State, USA writes:
“Karyn’s March 2011 post titled “Sometimes, I Hide in My Pantry”  is one of my favorite posts.  In this post, Karyn is funny, relatable and informative (defining “domestic blindness”).  As a mother of two growing boys myself, this post stuck in my mind and made me feel better about my own home’s contained chaos.”

Karyn Van Der Zwet of New Zealand writes:
“I really liked the three part series on breastfeeding (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that Carol posted.”

Ana Gaby Turner of Indonesia writes:
“I really liked A Lady In France’s “We do What We Can“.  This was one of the first posts I read on WMB and I could relate so much to it that it got me thinking I’m not the only crazy one trying to acclimatize to a new culture while keeping my own.”

Jennifer Burden of New Jersey, USA writes:
“I feel like there are a million I want to pick!!! I’ve mentioned before that I’ve liked:

  • Fire Crystal’s post about her great grandparents India.
  • Dee’s post about safety in Mexico.
  • Human Rights Warrior”s post on educating girls.
  • Purnima’s post on the caste system.
  • Kirsten’s post when she was mistaken for Santa.
  • Astrid’s post on paternity leave.
  • Deborah’s post on UAE’s national day.
  • Fiona’s post on becoming a grandmother.
  • Shaula’s post on crocodiles.
  • Tatterscoops post on love.
  • Margie’s post on Elijah.
  • Polish Mom Photographer’s post on breastfeeding in public.
  • June’s last post.
  • Alison Lee’s post on technology.
  • Kyla’s post on finding balance.
  • Galit post on race.
  • Eva’s on the pow-wow.

I have tears in my eyes.  I LOVE this blog!  I can do this all day – there are so many more!”

What about you…do you have a favorite World Moms Blog post?  Tell us about it!  

And do you have a question you would like to pose to our WMB writers?  If so, email us at to see what they have to say.

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