SINGAPORE: 7 Ways to a Simpler, More Fruitful Life

SINGAPORE: 7 Ways to a Simpler, More Fruitful Life

priceless2013 is still fresh out of the oven, and I’m already starting to feel like I’m dragging my feet.

I don’t know about you but I wish things could slow down a little, and that I could breathe out some stress and breathe in more joy…

As a mum, there are many things I want to do.

I wanna play with my kids, and teach them useful things, things that mold their character and resilience.

I want time to work on my dreams, to grow and develop my skills, to read more books and learn from great writers.

I wanna be a perfect wife running a clock-work household.

I wanna have time to sit and sip away, journalling in a cafe, and feel free to be myself again.

If only.


Mamawearpapashirt (Singapore)

June, born and bred on the sunny and sometimes rainy shores of Singapore, is a mother of two - a chatty 4 y.o. girl and a toddler boy who babbles. She works part-time as a communication consultant, and she is deeply passionate about family, writing, faith, and good old-fashioned love. She can be found on her blog, Mamawearpapashirt.

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