priceless2013 is still fresh out of the oven, and I’m already starting to feel like I’m dragging my feet.

I don’t know about you but I wish things could slow down a little, and that I could breathe out some stress and breathe in more joy…

As a mum, there are many things I want to do.

I wanna play with my kids, and teach them useful things, things that mold their character and resilience.

I want time to work on my dreams, to grow and develop my skills, to read more books and learn from great writers.

I wanna be a perfect wife running a clock-work household.

I wanna have time to sit and sip away, journalling in a cafe, and feel free to be myself again.

If only.

Don’t you wish to have that picturesque mummy’s life too? You know, the one who lives down the street with the luscious hair and radiant skin, and who seems to have an impeccable ability to balance life on 3-inch heels? Sure, it might not be real, you say, but it looks so darned good.

There’s so much that I desire and yearn for. Yet there’s only so much that I can achieve in a day. I need to practice contentment on a daily basis, and recognize that in between work, mummying and home-making, it’s gotta be a conscious choice to invest my time and energy on the things that matter most to me.

To help myself, I’ve come up with a list of 7 things to do to achieve a simpler yet more fruitful (and happy) life.

1. Declutter – your thoughts, your life, your home, not necessarily in that order.

2. Cherish yourself – Be at peace with yourself and with others. Value yourself, give credit where it’s due, and be more forgiving when you (or your loved ones) slip up.

3. Value positive relationships – I love this one. I don’t know where I’d be without the constant encouragement of my hubby and close girlfriends. They believe in me, and because of that, I can too.

4. Stop comparing – Yup, stop comparing to that mummy down the road with the bouncy hair and manicured nails. Motherhood isn’t a race. We never know what others are going through, and surprise surprise, we all have our battles to fight. Be the best you can be, and acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them with honesty and humility.

5. Stop rushing – I’ll be the first to confess that this is hard. I struggle and sometimes have to bite myself to keep from rushing the kids from place to place, and shouting at them to move faster. Related to this is the ability to manage and keep family schedules to the bare essentials.

6. Love people, not things – We live in a materially-fat world. Think about it – we go to great lengths to lose weight, trim down, etc, but materially most of us are overweight. We go with the flow of the accumulation of things. Practise contentment. Start looking at accumulating and growing strong relationships with people of great character and integrity instead. They’ll be friends worth keeping for life.

7. Forget achievements, focus on values – Sure, straight A’s on a report card are always nice to have, but it’s probably wise to focus on the values that you’re imparting your child every single living moment of each day. Yes, and most of these get transmitted when you’re least aware of the process. (Gulp.) Values will set them up well for life. Grades and the glory of other achievements last only a moment.

Can I sneak in one more thing? Hug and kiss more! It’s the simple things that count. The little moments of love and delight. Priceless. Just like those two hours of solitude every other day… 😉

What is your mummy trade secret for a simpler, happier, yet fuller life?

This is an original World Moms Blog post by June Yong in Singapore.  June is passionate about family, writing, faith, and good old-fashioned love. She blogs at mamawearpapashirt, and can be found on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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Mamawearpapashirt (Singapore)

June, born and bred on the sunny and sometimes rainy shores of Singapore, is a mother of two - a chatty 4 y.o. girl and a toddler boy who babbles. She works part-time as a communication consultant, and she is deeply passionate about family, writing, faith, and good old-fashioned love. She can be found on her blog, Mamawearpapashirt.

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