IMG-20130427-00772I know some of you may not agree with the title of this post but humor me anyway. I’m writing this using my phone, while nursing and holding my seven-week-old daughter close to me, skin to skin. She’s been sick since birth, you see, and lost a significant amount of weight and is recovering from an infection. (The awesome ladies from my World Moms Blog family know in detail what’s been happening in my life lately and you folks who may be curious can get more details over at

Anyway, back to the post title. While many mothers may not be raising their children with their husbands or partners or their kids’ birth fathers (because of their circumstances and/or choices), for many of us, this is still the set-up we have: mom AND dad work together to bring up the kids and make sure they become productive citizens.

This is certainly true in my case, and because it is Father’s Day this weekend, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the “World Dads” out there who are committed to helping their wives or partners raise their children, including my own husband.

The past seven weeks with our now-recovering baby have been extra challenging and I don’t think I could have survived them without her father. Anthony has been a pillar of strength for me and although I know that deep down he has been worried over our little one too, he has never shown it, and has always reminded me that “all is well.”

When we still didn’t have anyone to help us around the house, he’d be the one to wash the baby’s diapers and do our laundry and prepare breakfast before he’d leave for work. (Thank God my mom came over and stayed with us to help us out.)

He’s always been my number one cheerleader when it comes to breastfeeding our kids (and homeschooling them too). Now that I’m a nursing mom again, he makes sure I eat and drink what I’m supposed to, and even feeds me sometimes when I have to nurse the baby during mealtime. He even bought me breastfeeding-friendly clothes without my asking him to, because he said he doesn’t want me to be a “frumpy” mom!

I could go on and on about how my husband is uber supportive and an amazing father to boot, but I won’t. Suffice to say that I really believe dads have a great role to play when it comes to “improving” the lives of moms and their kiddos.

So, to all the World Dads out there who are trying to make the lives of us World Moms (and our children) happier and easier – THANK YOU! You guys matter to us, really!Β Thank you for doing your best to be good husbands/partners and fathers! And to my husband, if you’re reading this, please know that I really, really, really thank God for you. You are God’s greatest gift to me (even if on many days, I don’t make you feel as if you are)!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Tina Santiago-Rodriguez (Philippines)

Tina Santiago-Rodriguez is a wife and homeschool mom by vocation, a licensed physical therapist by education and currently the managing editor of Mustard, a Catholic children's magazine published by Shepherd's Voice Publications in the Philippines, by profession. She has been writing passionately since her primary school years in Brunei, and contributes regularly to several Philippine and foreign-based online and print publications. She also does sideline editing and scriptwriting jobs, when she has the time. Find out more about Tina through her personal blogs: Truly Rich Mom and Teacher Mama Tina.

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