Happy International Day of Happiness!Today is International Day of Happiness!  We at World Moms Blog know the importance of connecting with other people.  In our technology driven societies, it becomes very easy to send a text message, an email, or to click “Like” on someone’s Facebook status…but does that actually make us feel like we made a personal connection with that person? Truly connecting is not as easy!

For International Day of Happiness this year, the theme is focusing on your connections with others.  To help you think about conversation starters, or ways to connect with others on a more personal level, we asked our fabulous contributors this question: “What brings you happiness?”  Read on to see some of their responses.  

Maman Aya (New York, USA): Great family. Wonderful friends. Delicious food. All at the same time 🙂

Ewa (California, USA): In January 2015 I started a “Happiness Book”. Each day I write down ONE thing that made my happy that day. Here is a picture of some of the things I have written down so far.

Happiness book

Sophia (Florida, USA):  Not to be corny, but my children bring me the most happiness. From my teenager’s request for a ‘clandestine’ grocery shopping cookie trip before her father (my ex) returns from work, to the whistle-tone outburst of yells of my assured toddler. From the way my two-year old says “oh wow!!!!” about the many fascinating things she sees in her day, to the ‘twilight zone’ type of questions my intuitive and intelligent teenager asks us sometimes. Happiness is my teen’s sporadic hugs, my toddler’s greeting the stars, moon, and the dog down the street; happiness is my baby’s smile. You think you’ve seen a baby smile, but this little hunk is Mr. Smiles himself!

Tina Ernspiker (Mexico):

Boy smiling with dirty face

Julie (Portugal):  My happiness comes from my 7-month old.  Waking up next to the baby, coffee, watching him explore the living room, that half hour I get to myself, and then the baby falling asleep in my arms.

Meredith (Texas, USA): My daughter. She is her own person and I love her for it! Her shirt says it all! 🙂

i love being me

Tinne (Belgium): Going for a walk, enjoying the sunshine, smelling Spring and unexpectedly meeting a friendly donkey. (Picture: A house-donkey. The owner took him out for a walk…like you would a dog!)


Eva (Washington, USA):  What makes me happy?  This…

Girls holding hands


What about you dear readers? Do tell us…what brings you happiness? And who will you be connecting with today?  Comment down below!

This was a collaborative post organized by World Moms Blog Regional Editor, Eva Fannon.

Banner photo credit to Eva Fannon (picture was taken at the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum in Seattle, WA).  Post photo credits to Ewa, Tina Ernspiker, Meredith, Tinne, and Eva.

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