Yippyy! It’s a brand new year and a brand new writing gig for me. What better way to introduce myself to y’all then to cozy up with you and let you know, nay ANNOUNCE to you, just what kind of a Mom I really am.

Lean in close, friends. Are you comfy? Perhaps with a cocktail in hand? Excellent. Here it is:

Sometimes? I kind of suck at the Mom thing.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a Mom is the most amazingly wonderfully fulfilling role that I have ever had. Bar none. My cup is over-flowing every single nano-second of every single day because I know that yes. Yes, I am indeed, THAT lucky to be THEIR mom.

Little hand holds. Big squeezes. Small smiles. And HUGE milestones. These are the things that make my whole world spin. Aroundandaroundandaround again.

And I know (Believe me. I know.) that it’s good for our children to see us as fallible beings. That it’s good to model how we recover from moments that could be described as less than quality parenting. And that it’s good (Very, very good.) to humble our ego-driven selves every once in a while, take stock of what’s IMPORTANT and apologize to the sweet beings that are in our care.

But every once in a while when I make mistakes, and I have moments (Hours! Days!) that are such total and complete FAILS that I wish (Beg!) the universe to erase them. Or at the very least that no one else sees or hears about them. And at the very most, that my children have zero, zip, nada recollection. Of any of it.

But there’s a danger in never sharing those less than stellar moments. And here it is: It can feel lonely FAILING because I just never know. I never know if you ever lose your cool? Turn on the TV? For gasp more than one show? Serve peanut butter and jelly for dinner? Several nights in a row? Run out of milk? Or diapers? Or forget to send library books back to school?

Does your heart ever ache with utter disappointment in yourself?

Because mine does. I’ve done all of that up there. I make mistakes. And I’m not above admitting that parenting is HARD. I’m also not afraid to beg for mercy and call a do-over on some of those rotten, good for nothing days.

So right here, right now- you and me- let’s wave the white flag and admit to each other that some parenting moments are not necessarily blog worthy. But we can carve out this little teeny tiny space on the web and admit- just between the two of us- that MOM FAIL moments exist. That way we won’t ever feel so alone, so disparate, so on our own doing the Mom thing. Because what good could ever (Seriously ever?) come of that?

To start us off, here are three of my MOM FAIL Moments:

MOM FAIL #3: My third, Brody, turned two in September and is waaaay into potty training. The boy knows when he needs to pee, tells me when he poops and is all about sitting while he goes and flushing afterwards. But me? No way. Nope. Not ready. I’m getting the heeby-jeebys just thinking of potty training. A boy. In Winter. In Minnesota. Do you know how many layers we wear, people?! So when he asks to go potty? I say, “No. You go in your diaper.”

MOM FAIL #2: I let my kids wear their pajamas while we go sledding. And then afterwards, we stay in our jammys all day long. Why? Because we’re a family of five and I need more laundry like I need a hole in the head.

And as for my #1 MOM FAIL? My favorite time of the day is nap-time. My second favorite time of the day is bedtime.

So what do you think? Do you still want to be my friend? And if you do, do you by any chance have a MOM FAIL moment to share?


Not even one?


Fess up, Mama. Together let’s make that big, bad scary FAIL into a friendlier, shoulder-to-shoulder HOORAY that we made it through the day lowercase fail. Kind of like that.

Ready now?


My feet are up. My cocktail is in hand. And my ears are perked. Because the real HOORAY here is that not only is it nap-time, but we’re connecting Mom-to-Mom. Friend-to-friend. And that’s the good stuff that we Mamas do with and for each other.

Go for it. I’m listening.

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Galit Breen (USA)

Once upon a time Galit Breen was a TRAVELER. She met amazing people and ate delicious food. And all was well with the world. And then, she started her real life. She became a STUDENT earning a BS in Human Development and an MA in Education. She became a classroom and reading TEACHER. She met a man on the internet (when it was gasp-worthy and new) and became his WIFE. She became a MINNESOTAN shortly after that, and he still owes her one for that. But the biggest earthquake shake to her soul was becoming a MOM. The interrupted sleep. The crying. The diapers. The lack of sleep. Did she mention the lack of sleep? But there was also the attachment, the touch, the bungee cords to her heart. Sigh. So today her labels are woven together. Tightly. A wife of one! A Mama of three! And a brand new puggle owner! Of one, people. Just one new puppy, thankyouverymuch. To keep her grounded and to add to the lack of lack of sleep factor, she writes. She writes about Motherhood. Parenting. Spirituality. Feminism. Education. Books. Writing. Balance. And Chocolate. Her writing is sometimes sarcastic, sometimes heart-warming and always transparent. Galit is a columnist at TC Jewfolk and has been published in places such as Jewesses With Attitude, Kveller and Scary Mommy. She is honored to connect with you here, at World Mom’s Blog. Galit can be reached by E-mail galitbreen@gmail.com or Twitter @galitbreen.  And don’t forget to check out her personal blog, These Little Waves!

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