NORWAY: Practical or Beautiful?: A French Mother’s Perspective

I remember walking in the street, while pregnant, looking at some young mothers pushing their prams, looking great.  They were made up and wearing cool clothes: the perfect combination of the modern mum and the urban self-confident woman.

I thought to myself ,” Right, I’ll be a pretty mummy.” (It’s funny how I never stopped to consider the other mums around, wearing sweatpants and who had given up on their brush.  Shouldn’t that have given me a hint?)

And then my beautiful baby came … nothing was (is) more important than her well-being.  Who cares what I look like?! Arguments were pouring through my mind:

1) I’m breastfeeding, so I need to be comfortable

2) I am not going to buy more clothes, I’ll just wear my training trousers until I fit into my old clothes again

3) I am getting up at night and going to bed during the day, so no real point of getting out of my PJs…

4) I never go out. Winter in Norway? Minus 18 and 2-meter snow, say no more! (more…)