This week we asked our World Moms Blog writers…

“Fess up, moms! Any white lies you want to admit to telling your children?”

The ladies, as usual, did not hold back…

Kirsten Jessiman of Toronto, Canada writes:

“My top three:

– If you keep pouting and the wind changes, your face will stay that way.

– The monsters went away because I punched them in the nose.

– Yes, I also have to go to my room when I say a bad word.”

Kyla P’an of Massachusetts, USA says:

“- Junk food makes you shrink

– There are no other TV stations, only PBS

– the Christmas Faery is in charge of turning on and off all Christmas lights”

Galit Breen of Minnesota, USA states:

“On a nice note: That ‘fairy spray’ (IE: Linen spray) keeps bad dreams away.

& On a not-so-nice note: That I have no idea whatsoever happened to some of their Halloween candy!”

Asta Burrows of Norway writes:

“As my wee lad is only one year old I haven’t really told any white lies yet, well, apart from when I say ‘yummy’ when I try to feed him sprouts…”

A. Roselyn of California, USA admits:

“Big girl: ‘Mommy, what you eatin’?’. My response as I shove m&m’s into my mouth: ‘vitamins.'”

Veronica Samuels of New Jersey, USA says:

“‘Broccoli makes you fast.’ I couldn’t help it. Broccoli consumption climbed! And, ‘I’ve sprayed the bed. No monsters can get you now.'”

Courtney Cappallo of Massachusetts, USA states:

“I guess the closest thing to a little white lie I’ve told my girls would be that commercials are bad for your brain. Although, I’m not sure it is much of a white lie!”

Eva Fannon of Washington, USA admits:

“I can’t think of any white lies at the moment….except for Santa Claus (is that bigger than a white lie?)

I do remember when I was little I HATED tomatoes and my mom would tell me that if I ate tomatoes, I would have beautiful legs. LOL!”

Allison Charleston of New York, USA exclaims:

“We don’t get the Wonder Pets on our TV. It only comes in on my sister’s TV. :) (He has since discovered that this is not actually true!)”

And, Tara B. of Washington, USA writes:

“”There is something wrong and that song is skipping, so I need to go to the next one’, says me when I am removing a song from the queue of the kids station on Pandora my son listens to every single day. I even pause it off and on to make it seem like it’s skipping. Technically, I am not lying, as the ‘something wrong’ is that I can’t stand to hear it one more time.”

We know we’re not alone (right?) — what’s a little white lie that you’ve told your children?

Join us back on Sunday for our Travel Itinerary for next week!  (Sneak peek: We are featuring a new writer and are back in East Timor!)

— World Moms Blog

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