This morning started out with my baby waking up at 6:30am.  She was up quite a bit in the night because of teething, so I’ve been on call all night.

I got her up, fed her, got her dressed and plopped her into our bed with my husband.  I had showered the night before in preparation of a busy morning, so I was quickly able to get ready.

Then, my four-year old came into our room, and jumped into our bed, too.  I joined them all for cuddles, and then made my way to the kitchen to get the girls ready to go out the door.

My husband was planning to work from home today, and he was planning on giving me a little break by helping me with the kids this morning. I was looking forward to this!

So, I was downstairs toasting toast, filling up water bottles, getting raspberries washed and getting my four-year old fed, while my baby played in her exersaucer.

Time was ticking.  I was steamrolling straight ahead, and figured something had come up at my husband’s work because when we last left him he was checking work e-mails. I had only a few last things left to do, was already late and ran back into our bedroom to get my phone, which I almost forgot.

And, what did I find?

My husband had fallen back asleep. Ugh!!!!

I know, I know.  That wasn’t his intention, and it wound up being because he was sick.  Anyway, I was feeling annoyed, had a little car trouble that involved my garage door when I tried to leave, and my day wasn’t off to a great start.

But, a few hours later I saw a tweet that said this:

“#FF @WorldMomsBlog because it’s an awesome international blog written by women for women (and, yes, I do write for them, so honored)”

It was written by WMB writer, Alison Lee, of Mama Wants This in Malaysia.

And, somehow, I felt good about the universe again. 🙂   Thank you, Moms.

So, now onto the week in review…

On Monday, we went to Saudi Arabia ( how cool is that?) to hear about spanking and discipline from our writer, Mama B.  This was well timed after a discipline discussion we had the previous week on the blog with Fire Crystals of India.  Mama B started the discussion with a book she had read, and then gave some accounts on the subject. Writers and readers checked in with their thoughts!

We settled in and got deep on Tuesday with an amazing and brave account of the Third Eye Mom’s experience with Post Partum Depression from Minnesota, USA.  A great PPD awareness article, as the Third Eye Mom tells us that so many cases go hidden and undiagnosed.  We’re so glad she shared her story!

Wednesday, we were in Canada discussing maternity leave.  Robin Farr (MamaRobinJ) gave us a candid account of how the grass isn’t always greener across the border.  She explained how Canada’s one year maternity leave was just too long for her, and also how the shorter US maternity leaves seemed way too brief.  An interesting discussion on various world maternity leaves follows this post in the comments!

Thursday we laughed with Inspiration to Dream in Australia about her “Holiday from Hell“.  You’ll want to check this one out! Have you ever had a vacation where everything went wrong?

This week’s interviews were from Amy Hillis of Ohio, USA, who has rejoined the blog from a leave of absence (we’re so glad she’s back!) and Dr. Jeanelle Marshawn Lanham, an amazing mom in Arizona, USA who has opened a center to help teens (don’t you just love her already?).  To note, be sure to check out both their answers of what makes them different from other moms!

Friday’s question was about length of breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  World Moms shocked me with the amount of writers we have that have been able to breastfeed for such long periods of time.  As all of us who have tried know, it doesn’t always go as we intend. So, definite kudos to the Third Eye Mom for speaking to the moms who faced hurdles to breastfeeding.

Tune in tomorrow with Scheduling Editor, Kristen Doyle, who will tell us where we’re going on the blog this week!

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Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Burden


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