Friday Question: Do your kids help with household chores?

This week’s Friday Question comes from World Moms Blog writer Maggie Ellison.  She asked our writers,

“Do your kids help with household chores?  If not, do you plan on giving them any as they get older?  If so, at what age?  Do/will they get an allowance?”

Here are responses from some of our World Moms…

MamaRobinJ of British Columbia, Canada writes:
“I look forward to the day I can give my son responsibility for cleaning the floors!  🙂

He’s three, but he does help a little bit and we’ll definitely keep him involved. We started long ago with getting him to pick up his toys and if he makes a mess he has to help clean it up, especially if he did it deliberately. He also loves to “help” so we let him and show him how (for the things it’s safe for him to do). As he gets older, we’ll expect him to contribute to stuff around the house, but to me that’s just an expectation as part of the family – I don’t plan to attach an allowance to it. Interested to hear other moms’ perspectives, though, especially if they have older kids and know how well that will or won’t work!” (more…)

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