This week’s Friday Question comes from World Moms Blog writer, The Alchemist, from India. She asked:

“What is that one trait/quality of your child of which you are so proud?”  

Today, World Moms Blog writers are granted permission to brag about their kids! Here’s how they answered…

Asta Burrows of Norway states:

“I honestly can’t pick one! He is only 18 months (and I don’t want to sound like a horrible, smug annoying mother), but I am proud of everything at the moment; that he can almost drink from a cup, that he eats most things put in front of him apart from salad, that he just learned to wave and say “bye-bye” at the same time… Oh, but I guess one of the things I love/appreciate the most (guess “proud” is the wrong word to use) is that he sleeps through the night, usually 12-13 hours. He has done since he was 4 months old! :)

Allison Lee from Malaysia replies:

“It’s so hard to pick just one trait! I love that my son (18 months) has a burgeoning vocabulary. Hearing him talk is such a joy. He’s also a very sweet and affectionate hug, always coming in for hugs and kisses. He started sleeping through the night, in his own bed and room, and for that, I’m so proud.”

Jennifer Burden of New Jersey, USA chimes in: 

“At the moment I am answering this question, my 4-year old is tapping, smiling and singing away on a homemade drum set she just made out of books, plastic toy boxes, a wooden stool and a lap tray. She has large markers for drumsticks. So, I would have to say her imagination. I never know what she’s going to turn our stuff into!

And, for my 4 month old, it is her early ability to give kisses. My older daughter did this, too, at 3 months old.  I think it’s because I kiss them too much. I just can’t help it!”

Robin Farr of Canada writes:

“My son is loud, boisterous, very physical and a bit, um, spirited at times. I find all those things challenging, but he has an absolutely huge heart and is so loving. I’m proud of that because he displays it in the most beautiful and spontaneous ways, and it balances out some of that other stuff! ;)

Mama B of Saudi Arabia says:

“I am so proud of how my son reasons and negotiates. If I say no, he takes it and tries to change it by convincing me otherwise. Or, coming up with a solution or a compromise and often comes up with good ones! I am proud of how my daughter does not have the word “can’t” in her vocabulary. In fact if she sees that her brother can’t do something (such as swing from one side of the monkey bars to the other without falling) it is then her mission to do it and won’t give up till she can. And, I am proud of my Baby B for being such a smiling baby and for knowing when his brother or sister are feeling down and immediately going over to give them a hug or a kiss.”

Multitasking Mumma of Canada writes:

“My daughter is only 15 months old, but already she shows so much care and love. She hugs both me and her dad as much as she can and holds her stuffed animals with such care. I’m so proud she’s so full of love.”

The Third Eye Mom of Minnesota, USA states:

“My son who is 6 1/2 is a ball of energy, excitement about life, and has a certain charisma that makes him a very likeable little guy. He is loved by everyone. I also enjoy his enthusiasm and interest in asking questions and learning about the world. My daughter, on the other hand, who is 4 1/2 is quite different. She is a little more shy, yet extremely sweet, caring and loving. She is very easy-going like my husband, and like her brother smiles often. I love both children for their uniqueness!”

Dr. Lanham of Arizona, USA writes:

“For my oldest boy, I’m most proud that in spite of being told by friends that his dreams were too big, he kept going for them and now will be attending the college of his dreams! He’s closer to his dreams becoming reality!!

As for my youngest, I am most proud that he is coming into his own. He has learned to manage Type 1 diabetes, as well as, overcome ADHD affecting him negatively. When he was younger, I’d get calls from schools at least twice a week because of his behavior, and now I don’t. He’s why I do what I do!”

Kyla P’an of Massachusetts, USA says:

“I particularly am proud of two of my 5-year old daughter’s attributes: 1. She showed a propensity for music at a very early age, able to recognize specific musicians and songs on the radio as early as 14 mos and carry a tune by 18 mos. 2. She is very self-assured with an ability to verbally express herself in quite an adult-like manner (though this also can be a source of great distress for me; sometimes I worry she lacks empathy for others).

My 2.5-year old son, on-the-other-hand, is very empathic and shows a deep interest in small creatures (bugs, little pets, aquatic life). He is surprisingly gentle for his age and can carry insects around in a pincher grasp for long stretches of time without hurting them. He’s also a bit of a clown, hamming it up whenever he senses our moods need lightening.”

Eco Ziva of Brazil states:

“My boy (who is almost 7) is overall a good kid — not much to complain. However, one thing I especially like is how well he eats! He will basically eat anything I give him, including my raw heath food concoctions most adults won’t even look at (like my husband! :)). He is also a dream to take care of when he is ill. He hardly ever gets sick and when he does start a cold or something, I will give him a garlic clove or some other natural “medicine”, and he will munch away! I don’t know what I would do with a picky eater (like I myself was — LOL).

My daughter is 4 months old and what I really like (besides all of her baby cuteness and wonderful smile, of course!) is that she sleeps a lot. She takes a really long nap in the morning (up to 3 hours!) and then another two hours or so in the afternoon. At night she doesn’t give me a hard time either and only wakes up 2-3 times to feed (which I do in bed so I can go on sleeping :)). This came as a great surprise as my son slept very little as a baby.”

Maman Aya of New York, USA says:

“My 4 1/2 year old son has an amazing imagination. Nothing in the house stays in its original form for very long. A toy plane, will be a plane for one game, and a rocket, for another, or a boat for another. He has already figured out how to put Legos together to form other things (besides what the picture on the box says they should be) and is extremely athletic. My 13 month old daughter is full of love. She was already hugging us back when we would pick her up from around 10 months. When I gave her her first baby doll at 11 months, she took the doll and gave her a hug (and she still does every time she picks it up). She also loves to give us kisses and blow kisses after waving bye-bye when someone leaves. I am so proud of both of my amazing children (but I wouldn’t be a good maman if I wasn’t)! :)

Carol at If By Yes says:

“I’m proud of how alert and engaging my son is. Everyone is always commenting on his big eyes, and how communicative he is. At ten months he is constantly trying to engage others. He shares his food, he points constantly, he babbles. He is always making eye contact. He even tries to play with other kids.

I can take him to restaurants and public places, and he won’t make a fuss – he’ll just flirt with the waitress and take food out of his mouth to offer to the people sitting next to us…”

The Alchemist of India states: 

“I sometimes think my 5-year old son is mature beyond his age. He has a great sense of justice, which makes me stop and stare at all times he decides to exhibit it. He is fair-minded in so many ways, and as a child I think it is rare.

He is imaginative, creative and is almost a fiction writer like me. He just does not pen it down. I am trying to maintain a story collection which he rattles off by being inspired about things and incidents around him.”

Kirsten Doyle of Canada writes:

“My older son’s autism actually has some benefits – like the fact that he’s a whiz at math and computers! What I’m most proud of in him, though, is that in spite of his disability, he works so incredibly hard at his therapy. People sometimes praise me for the progress he is making, but really, it’s all him. He perseveres more than anyone I have ever known.

My younger son is a firecracker – social, verbal, phenomenal imagination. But my biggest point of pride in him is that he has a genuinely caring nature. The kid has a super-sized heart and he knows how to use it.”

What about you?  Tell us what is the one trait or quality of your child that makes you so proud? (Permission to brag, granted!)

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