This coming week, I’m excited to be representing World Moms Blog at the Blogher ’11 conference in San Diego, California.  As I’m busy preparing for the adventure, this week I’m going to keep it short, but hopefully, slightly entertaining.

The writers’ interviews that we’ve been posting as additional posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays have been really helping us get to know our new writing community better. We’re even finding many more things out about our seasoned WMB writers that we didn’t know!

It occurred to me that some of you might be thinking, “Who the heck is running this ship?” And, also, maybe the thought never even crossed your mind. ha ha. So, anyway, this week, as your World Moms Blog founder and editor, I’m answering one question from our normal interview.  And, here’s how it goes…

How would you say that you are different from other mothers?

Well, there’s a few things.  But, the first, is that as a mommy blogger, I don’t really have aspirations at the moment to write a book, like many of our talented writers do.  What I’ve found that interests me most in the blogging world is the international networking, organizing, and operations — the overall running — of this blog. Strange? Maybe.

And, the second. I’m a little silly at heart. Ok. Maybe a lot of silly! Strange to hear, right? All my interactions, thus far, over the past 9 months, with our writers and readers have been pretty much, professional.

Professional is a role I’ve learned to play as a grown up. But, at home, when it comes to my parenting style, it’s much less conventional.

Viewing the world with a sense of humorous curiosity can be fun!  I look at my baby, and when I watch her, my mind flows, turns, bends and races. And, I sometimes think, “How is what she is doing possible?” Baby humans are amazing!

And, to demonstrate what I mean, I happen to have a link to a video that I randomly made one Saturday morning in my living room (please excuse the mess and my husband in the background).  Really, I was just curious to see if I could keep up. (You’ll see what I mean.)  It won’t win any cinematography awards.  Or, best short film. It was a first cut and taken on my phone.

Anyway, I hope you get to feel like you know the real me a pinch better after watching (or at least my feet). Here goes…

VIDEO: Mom’s unlikely personal trainer…

And, now back to Blogher’11. I’m looking forward to sharing and brainstorming ideas in the new “Pathfinder” session on Thursday.  I’m attending “Your Blog as Change Agent”, which is about philanthropy and doing good in the world.

That’s another thing. At the conference I’m looking forward to meeting — for the first time in person — several of our writers — MamaRobinJ of Canada, Galit Breen of Minnesota and very new WMB writer, Elena from Virginia!  And, I hope to meet some of our readers and more mommy blogger friends, too!

And, now back to the blog — behind the scenes, we have some new ideas that World Moms are working on — we’re sharing ideas for our mission statement and ideas on a new look for our blog.  We hope to roll out the new look sometime in the autumn with my friend and graphic designer, Erica Joyner, in Virginia.

In news, we have 3 new writers joining us! And, World Moms Blog is adding a new country — welcome Japan! 🙂 More details to come…

Ok. Now, what you’ve really clicked on the Saturday Layover for…World Moms Blog week in review!…

On Monday we started off in Mexico, where Dee Harlow, is, well, leaving Mexico (do we have any readers in Mexico out there?  Come write for us!).  Dee’s new family adventures will be eventually leading her to the country of Laos in Asia!  Her husband works in the US Foreign Service, and the two are taking their twin toddlers on a road trip back up to the states from Mexico.  In the meantime, Dee writes about packing up and preparing!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Did you hear that?  That’s the closing bell on Wall St.  Tuesday, Jennifer D’Ambrosio guest posted for World Moms Blog about her life as a mother who juggles the morning commute to one of the financial capitals of the world with tucking her son in at night.  She opens up with her thoughts and insecurities about what she should be doing with her life.  In the end, she may have known all along. Come check out her post!

Wednesday, we had a change in the schedule and we brought you Kyla P’an’s article a day early.  Kyla spoke candidly about what she does to keep herself being herself, and how to avoid slipping into being “just mom.”  Her post was inspired by Dr. Lanham’s post last week!

Thursday, we went to Seattle, where Tara B. led us in a discussion about baby names.  She told us how they chose the names for their sons and readers chimed in with how they went about it for their kids!  Check it out!

This week’s writers interviews were from Galit Breen of Minnesota, USA and The Alchemist of India. Did you know that Galit was born in Israel and is fluent in Hebrew and English?  And, The Alchemist has lived in India all her life and speaks Hindi, Tamil and English.  All the different foreign languages that our World Moms speak — amazing, isn’t it?

For the Friday Question, come see how the World Moms responded to what chores their children are doing around the globe!

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Thank you for reading World Moms Blog!  And, check in with us tomorrow, when our Scheduling Editor, Kirsten Doyle gives us our travel itinerary for next week!

Jennifer Burden


World Moms Blog

P.S. If you’re going to Blogher’11, please let me know to look out for you! Email or tweet to @WorldMomsBlog! I’d love to meet you!

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