Put on your seatbelts, because we’re off to Israel on Monday! Susie Newday talks about that thing that we sometimes love, sometimes hate, and always worry about in terms of its effect on our kids – the TV.

A message of unity and seeing things beyond how you see them and…breathing. Intrigued? We’ve really got something special for you on Tuesday in our Social Good column!  Jenny Flynn of Colorado, USA, a woman who offers opportunities for healing through creative expression and embodied practice is guest posting for World Moms Blog!

On Tuesday evening, we have another great guest post — this time in our Human Rights column! Lauren, mother of 2 boys, in the U.S. shares her story of international adoption and her motivation to help children in orphanages in Vietnam. This mother who also writes about the great outdoors and autism is amazingly inspirational.

On Wednesday we head to Norway to hear from Asta Burrows, who is preparing for the arrival of her second child! She talks about what it will be like for her to adjust to having two kids, and how the arrival of the baby will change the life of the big brother to be!

On Thursday, we will be in Washington to go fishing with Eva Fannon. She tells us some interesting facts of nature that I bet you never knew, and tells us about her daughter’s field trip.

On Friday let’s go to Canada for a caption contest! JC Little has an artistic creation for us!

On Saturday, check out the Saturday Sidebar with Eva Fannon, where the World Moms give their thoughts on an important topic, and chime in with your answers to the week’s question!

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