I came to Sahaj Marg before I was born. Well, as confusing as that statement may seem like, it is not. It has been the most startling revelation I have had over the past few years since I became a mother. When did I know my son? Of course, before he was born; when he was within me, a tiny cell; and I dare say, even before that, when conception was yet to take place.I always knew I would be a mother some day and be as loving and sacrificial and benevolent as my mother is. I knew my baby back then, I just had not met him. Similarly, I have not yet met God, but I am coming closer to doing so every day. Sahaj Marg, or “the natural path,” says God is within you; seek him there. And the only way you can do that is in silence. So, sit in silence, call it meditation if you want, feel that Godliness within you, hug it as close as possible and revel in it. It is very simple.

All wonderful things in life are very simple. I will not say if they are difficult or easy. Motherhood is simple and natural, though someone like me cannot claim it to be ‘easy’. But I am forever learning and rejoicing in my new found experiences and motherhood milestones.

The Sahaj Marg method of meditation (ok, I am now calling it meditation) is in the heart. Why? Because the heart is the seat of the Soul in the body (or rather, the heart is the centre of life in the body). It is the soul of our physical existence. And so, Sahaj Marg helps to locate our lost higher self within the heart.

I was lost for a while, stuck in a rut between my job, my relationships both personal and professional, taking care of my new born son and generally with life. Sahaj Marg gave me perspective then. How you may ask? Slowly with years of practise, you start trusting that higher self within you (which some call God and some others call your own advanced spiritual self and yet some others claim to be their own intelligent mind), to help in every day issues and solve them.

You feel the divine hand on you, you feel the greatness of ‘Nature’ manifesting in every aspect of your life and you humbly accept life and make the best of this opportunity called life to grow spiritually.

This Raja Yoga way of meditation was practised by ancient seers, but with a few technical glitches not suitable for us, today’s modern family. They forfeited their family, went to the forest and meditated for years, and enlightenment graced them. Remember Gautama Buddha? Can I afford to leave that bundle of joy (snuggling against me as I type this) and go away into a forest (where are the forests anyway, with so much deforestation going on?) and meditate? And can we afford to stay away from our smart phones, social media, career goals and such? Oh, but are we not thinking of one day having that peace and oneness with ‘God’ (or whatever else you may wish to call that – maybe ‘Y’ourself?)? We want the best of both worlds, don’t we?

Yes, my spiritual guide, Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari says,

“A bird can fly only if it has two wings – the spiritual and the material wing.”

I need my smart phone (and everything else) and I also need my Self-realisation. Only then I can evolve into a better human being and eventually, hopefully into a divine being in this world… and perhaps, be a beacon of inspiration for coming generations to come.

Some facts which I would like to highlight to the readers and fans of World Moms Blog are below. They closely reverberate with the spirit of World Moms Blog.

  • Like World Moms Blog, Sahaj Marg also has an affiliation with the United Nations and they conduct activities and events every year in the hope of spreading love and brotherhood.
  • WMB is represented in over 25 countries; Sahaj Marg’s presence is also worldwide. For more detailed information, please check here and here.
  • People from various cultures, religions, races, nationalities are represented in this organisation.
  • No fees are required for learning how to meditate. The prefect to whom you will be directed will not charge you for his time or effort. Spirituality is simple. It cannot be charged. Only willingness to meditate is needed.

My journey has just begun. And my journey makes much more sense when I have a living guide, guiding me through it, who has been through all that I have been through. Moreover, this guide has walked scorching desert sands and raging oceans, and will help me handle the desert scorpions and ocean sharks — and perhaps save me from them.

I think we need someone to help us structure our spiritual life better, so that our goal and path are clearly defined.

I wish each of your journeys begins soon too. For more information, you can read some literature here.

I am concluding this post with the beautiful words of my spiritual guide, albeit spoken in a different context, but closely resonating with the spirit of World Moms Blog –

“I am always reminded of a mother who carries her child for nine months bearing all the agony of physical suffering, supported by her golden hopes for the future of her yet unborn child, supported solely by her love for one who is yet in the future. I pray that such a love may come to bless all of our humanity.”

Are you practising any type of meditation? Is there anything you do or belong to that makes you feel spiritual?  

This is an original post to World Moms Blog by Purnima, our Indian mother writing from Chennai, India. Her contributions to the World Moms Blog can be found here. She also rambles at The Alchemist’s Blog.

Photo credit to  Moyan Brenn .


Purnima Ramakrishnan

Purnima Ramakrishnan is an UNCA award winning journalist and the recipient of the fellowship in Journalism by International Reporting Project, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Her International reports from Brazil are found here . She is also the recipient of the BlogHer '13 International Activist Scholarship Award . She is a Senior Editor at World Moms Blog who writes passionately about social and other causes in India. Her parental journey is documented both here at World Moms Blog and also at her personal Blog, The Alchemist's Blog. She can be reached through this page . She also contributes to Huffington Post . Purnima was once a tech-savvy gal who lived in the corporate world of sleek vehicles and their electronics. She has a Master's degree in Electronics Engineering, but after working for 6 years as a Design Engineer, she decided to quit it all to become a Stay-At-Home-Mom to be with her son!   This smart mom was born and raised in India, and she has moved to live in coastal India with her husband, who is a physician, and her son who is in primary grade school.   She is a practitioner and trainer of Heartfulness Meditation.

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