This week’s Saturday Sidebar Question comes from World Moms Blog writer Susie Newday.  She asked our writers,

What was your best ever family vacation and why?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…


Photo of a beach in Boracay, Philippines, courtesy of Alison Lee

  • Maureen @Scoops of Joy of Indonesia writes:

    I love this question! The best would be when I won a photo contest (my first ever photo contest) held by  a pretty big hotel chain and they sent my son, and I, along with my two brothers to Bangkok for free. The picture that won second place of the contest was being displayed at their hotel and we were treated like VIPs. Our rooms got upgraded to their suite and everyone was super friendly. We had the best vacation ever.

  • Elizabeth Atalay of Rhode Island, USA writes:

    Skiing, hands down! It is something my husband and I love to do, and every mountain has a ski school where the tiny ones go. Once the kids can keep up with us they are done with ski school, Finally the kids are old enough that we can now all ski together.

Carol @If By Yes of Vancouver, Canada writes:

We went to Vegas this summer together and Owl had a blast!

Purnima of India writes:

In the summer of 2011 we went to Munnar, India, which was very memorable. It is a hill station in south India, and visited by very few during that time of the year. It was quiet and serene. Our son, then 5 years old also enjoyed it.
In 2012 summer, we went to Ooty, another hill station in south India. When we were travelling to a lake, which was generally forbidden for public visit and for which we had to take government approval, we met with a flat tyre. We got the approval, but spent at least 2 hours on the sinuous upwards route, and then continued on the journey. It made the visit all the more worthwhile. The lake was an absolute beauty.

Tina Santiago-Rodriguez of Philippines writes:

Reading this just made me realize that we have NEVER been on a family vacation ever! Unless you count stopping over at tourist destinations en route to and from our old mission area a vacation!

Melanie Oda of Japan writes:

We’ve never been on a vacation either. I’ve taken the kids to visit family in the US, sometimes with my husband, sometimes without, but that is certainly not a vacation!

Kyla Pa’an of Massachusetts, USA writes:

We have taken a number of family vacations but so far the two most memorable have been the week we spent fishing last year on a secluded lake in Ontario, Canada and the two weeks we spent in 2010 with our good friends out in Montana. Montana was a great trip for young kids because we visited Yellowstone National Park with all of its geothermal attractions and incredible wildlife like American Bison, wolves, coyotes, Elk, Eagles plus our friends have kids the same ages and genders so everything we needed was already there. However, next summer we will take our kids on their first overseas trip for 3 weeks, which I think will trump anything to date. I’ve written about our preliminary plans here.

Martine de Luna of Philippines writes: 

Our family vacation to the beach in Boracay earlier this year was most memorable. It was our son’s first time on a plane! He had fun in the white sands of Boracay, even though it took him a couple of days to warm up to the beach!

What about you… what was your best ever family vacation and why?  

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This Saturday Sidebar Question has been compiled and edited by our World Mom, Alison of Malaysia.


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