It’s Friday again, and that means “Friday Question” day at World Moms Blog!  This is where we get to know more about our mom writers and in the comments, get to know more about our readers.  Let’s discuss!

Today’s Friday Question is a continuation from last week, “What was the best vacation experience you had with your kids?”.  Our enthusiastic World Moms Blog writers had too much to say, so we’ve had to split it up into two posts!  Read on for Part II:

Veronica Samuels of New Jersey, USA says:

“My favorite vacation so far with my daughter was to Annecy, France in the foothills of the alps when she was 2 years old. We are trying to raise her bilingual in English and French, and I enjoyed watching her play on the playground on the beautiful lake with all the French children! She still talks about the church bells that would chime there, which she calls ‘Frere Jacques’ bells.”

A. Roselyn  of California, USA says:

“After the birth of our second child, family vacations have become few and far between. But, we did manage to gather our gear for our annual Easter road trip to Costanoa, an eco adventure resort on the Pacific coast near San Francisco, California.  Packing for, at the time, two young children (then 2.5 and 6 months) was like taking the nursery and stuffing it into our Subaru! We brought two pack ‘n’ plays and a whole lot of ‘stuff’. All for 24 hours.

But, there is something about sleeping under the stars and roasting marshmallows on an open fire that is worth the effort. Our favorite part is always the Easter egg hunt. This year my daughter, R, was so excited to find the eggs, but then she became very timid when surrounded by all the kids. I don’t think she even got one egg – I picked one up for her. Maybe next year will be different now that she is a ‘big girl’.”

Asta Burrows of Oslo, Norway says:

“We haven’t been on that many holidays so far – the choice is between a two-week camping trip in the autumn in Norway (I can feel a blog coming about that one…) and a two-week holiday in the sun… the latter is of course my favourite. So, my favourite holiday was two weeks in Tenerife, Spain (off the coast of Africa I think) this July.

My husband is a keen windsurfer, and this is one of the best places in the world, apparently (apart from Hawaii and western Australia, but I was not taking a 6 month old baby on a flight to the other side of the world). So, Tenerife it was — nice and sunny, and of course windy. It was too windy to be on the beach, but luckily the place we stayed had a small pool.

I was expecting that my husband would be out windsurfing all day, everyday, and that I would spend all my time looking after the baby. But unfortunately (for him), he injured himself on the second day, so the rest of the holiday he couldn’t do any windsurfing. And, he was free to help me look after our wee lad. I got through 4 books on that holiday – which was a treat, as that was the first time I had time to read since he was born!”

Kally Mocho from New Jersey, USA says:

“This summer, my family and I were fortunate enough to have taken three vacations.  The first was a road trip to the Carolinas (term for the states of North Carolina and South Carolina); the second, a five-day Basque cultural festival in Boise, Idaho; and the third, a week at the Jersey Shore.  Many who are reading this may disagree that these were “vacations” and would perhaps call them “torture trips.”  And I don’t blame you for thinking that way.  There was no relaxing poolside with a book.  No drinks with umbrellas in them.  No fancy dinners.   None of that.  But still, somehow, we managed to have a great time!

Of these vacations, my favorite was the week that we spent at a rented shore house in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  We rented the house with my two older brothers and their families.  So, the five little cousins played while their parents barbecued, played cards, and had several adult beverages (after the kids were sound asleep, of course.)

This was my favorite vacation because during this trip, I learned that my children, unlike their mother, LOVED the ocean and playing in the sand.  They would both get knocked over by the waves, get right up, and run into the ocean again.  As a mother, it was both, a proud and terrifying experience, to see them playing in the water.  I have great respect/fear of Mother Nature.  So, when we returned home, I had to add another thing to my ‘To Do’ list – get the kids swim lessons.”

There you have it, the continuation of last week’s Friday Question by our World Moms Blog writers.

Do you have a favorite family vacation place?  If so, tell us about it in the comments section below!

But, that’s not all for the week, folks!

Beginning this Saturday look out for our “Saturday Special Edition”, a 3 part post about a mother’s internal struggle when she discovers that her son has special needs.  Maggie Ellison’s courageous and moving piece, “Too Loud”, will post over the next 3 Saturdays.  Be sure not to miss it!  Then, on Sunday we will post the World Moms Blog travel itinerary for next week!

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