NYC Preschool Madness

At times, life for a family in Manhattan feels like it moves at a faster pace than the rest of the universe.  We enroll our kids in music classes at four months, movement and art classes at six months and vie to get accepted into  play groups and toddler classes that are deemed to be “feeders” to the best nursery schools in the neighborhood — the so-called “Baby Ivies”.

In Manhattan, preschool madness begins at 7am on the Tuesday after Labor Day every year.  Anxious parents flood the phone lines of these bastions of the ABC’s and some schools run out of applications by lunchtime.

To get admitted to a nursery program, you need to apply the September before you’d like to attend, and the admissions process takes nearly a full calendar year.  So, if it’s a 2’s program you want, you need to start the application process right after your baby blows out that first birthday candle! (more…)

Allison Charleston (USA)

Allison is a 35-year-old attorney-turned stay at home mom. This New York City mom lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her 2-year-old son, Chase, and her husband, Andy. She is also expecting baby #2! In her former life, she was an attorney practicing in a mega firm on NYC’s Park Avenue, putting in long hours, working hard and reveling in the fast pace of her life. She loved living in “the city”, and when she could, she took advantage of all it had to offer. But, when Chase was born over 2 years ago, that all changed. These days, the work has changed from writing legal briefs to changing diapers and the hours are longer, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Allison is enjoying her adventures as a metropolitan mommy, raising Chase in New York City and has gained strength from her longer-than-she-wanted-to-wait journey getting pregnant with her second child.

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