Join us in the city of Seattle of Washington, USA on Monday!  There, Tara B. will tell us how she got her 2nd child to sleep unlike her first in her post, “No Longer Sleepless in Seattle.”

Then, hop a flight with us to Oslo, Norway, where Asta Burrows give us more details about the incredible paternity leave in her home country.  Check out her post, “Paternity Leave in Norway”!

Wednesday, we take off for New Jersey, USA to meet up with Veronica Samuels.  And, on Thursday we head north to Toronto, Canada to hear from Kirsten Jessiman, our 1/2 marathon mom!

On Friday, Eva Fannon of Washington, USA leads us in our Friday Question discussion.  (By the way, did you catch last Friday’s about most embarrassing moments in motherhood?  They may make you laugh!)

World Moms Blog is having an international growth spurt!  This week on our Facebook Page we announced the addition of two new writers:  Ambre French, a French “maman” writing from Scandanavia (Norway) and Karyn Van Der Zwet, a “mum” writing from New Zealand.  You can check out their profiles on our Writer’s Page!

And, this week on our Facebook Page, we will be announcing, yet another, new international mother from India who is joining our writing team, too!

We are continually on the search for new international writers.  There are so many interesting stories in motherhood that we can learn from across the globe.  If you live outside the U.S. and are interested in writing for World Moms Blog, please feel free to contact us at

We also have some exciting administrative changes around the corner…with Veronica’s, second birth expected in March, we are in the midst of finalizing our new editing and administrative roles.  The blog must go on! Veronica is so appreciative that so many World Moms Blog writers are pitching in while she’s busy with her new baby, and for the continued support of all of our writing team to keep the blog going strong!

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