NEW ZEALAND: Bye-Bye Boobies

NEW ZEALAND: Bye-Bye Boobies

Tonight was the last time I will ever breast-feed.  It’s a significant end of an era for me. This month is the ten-year anniversary of falling pregnant with our eldest son. I have my body back. Permanently.

To put it all in context it’s 120 months in total: 30 months being pregnant (3.25 pregnancies); and 79 months of breast-feeding. This all leaves a grand total of 11 months in the past 10 years when I could call my body my own.

I don’t begrudge the boys a second of the time I’ve ‘shared’ with them, yet I also feel a great sense of relief that it’s all over. I suffer immensely from baby-brain when I’m pregnant and feeding.

I become incredibly good at prioritising as I seem to move in low-gear.  I constantly look like a train-wreck and have been known to hide in my pantry to avoid the mess in the rest of the house. (more…)

Karyn Wills

Karyn is a teacher, writer and solo mother to three sons. She lives in the sunny wine region of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand in the city of Napier.

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