I am obsessed with my daughter’s sleep schedule.  It’s her own fault – she’s been a pretty good sleeper since Day 1. And so, anything less than an 11-hour stretch at night, I’m ready to take notes and start a sleep log and talk to the doctor at her next appointment.


I’ve started a sleep log for my 23-month old.

Her dad was away for 2 weeks in March-April, and then we went on vacation for a week in April (*sigh* Brasil), and it seems like things just haven’t been right with her nighttime sleep.

And, it’s been about a month.  And, she’s not even teething. I can’t handle it.

Yes, we’ve been spoiled rotten when it comes to her sleep, and I like it that way.  When her sleep gets out of whack, I feel like it’s no different from actual bad behavior like biting or hitting — it’s just unacceptable. (more…)