I am obsessed with my daughter’s sleep schedule.  It’s her own fault – she’s been a pretty good sleeper since Day 1. And so, anything less than an 11-hour stretch at night, I’m ready to take notes and start a sleep log and talk to the doctor at her next appointment.


I’ve started a sleep log for my 23-month old.

Her dad was away for 2 weeks in March-April, and then we went on vacation for a week in April (*sigh* Brasil), and it seems like things just haven’t been right with her nighttime sleep.

And, it’s been about a month.  And, she’s not even teething. I can’t handle it.

Yes, we’ve been spoiled rotten when it comes to her sleep, and I like it that way.  When her sleep gets out of whack, I feel like it’s no different from actual bad behavior like biting or hitting — it’s just unacceptable.

And, it’s not like she gets up, and we have to give her a bottle, and she’ll go down in 30 minutes.  Oh no.  It’s more like, if she wakes up (for no good reason), we can kiss 2-3 HOURS of sleep goodbye.  For example, she woke up at 3 AM one morning and stayed up until approximately 6:23 AM.

That morning, at 5 AM, my husband and I were arguing about whether to let her cry it out.  That’s wrong on so many levels.  And, I was there.

My daughter having good sleep habits/skills are partially about me needing 8 hours, and I recognize that.  And maybe since my husband can function on less sleep than me, he can’t relate to my obsession.  I’m sure there are other things that play into this, too.

I think we’ll turn a corner soon though.  I hope.  But we might end up on another scary alley since she’s going to be leaving her daycare in a few days.

Her daycare and my work are a package-deal, so since I’m leaving my firm, she’s got to leave her daycare buddies and teachers.  This makes me more than a little nervous (on many levels), but I’m hopeful we’ll get her in with another group of buddies and activities and that this summer will be AWESOME.  It is going to be awesome, right?

I am less obsessed with her food.  This is entirely my fault.  She likes chicken nuggets.  Great, chicken nuggets.  She likes spinach and kichri.  Spinach and kichri and maybe some naan and also parahta.  She likes her yogurt, waffles, croissants, and cereal.

Her 2 main food groups seem to be Milk and Carbs.  And, I feel bad about this.

I want her to be the one throwing back strawberries or mushrooms or olives or salmon or apples or broccoli.  But, she doesn’t because I didn’t really give it to her, and so now she likes what she likes, and so I feel like a bad mom.

She did try some sweet corn – like 2 kernels – at dinner tonight, and I was so excited when she put each tiny morsel in her mouth.  She spit the first one out.  I mean no judgment by this, but I don’t want to be the mom with the 10-year old who only eats grilled cheese.  Nope, she doesn’t even eat that…or pasta.

Maybe this summer will be a good chance to introduce some new lunch and dinner options for my little friend.  My unvaried menu for her, admittedly, is a product of my disinterest in cooking and some laziness.  Whereas, my husband ,who loves good food and even likes to cook, is a lot more concerned with her eating a variety of good and tasty foods.

This reminds me of the often-touted three necessities of life.  Food, Clothing, and Shelter.  So we’ve covered food, and I’ll consider sleep to be synonymous with shelter.  Clothing.  Now that it’s getting warm and we’ll likely try potty-training soon — it’s going to be a BIG summer — I love love love to dress her in dresses.

She rocks the Bermuda shorts and T-shirt separates, but it’s just fun to put her in a dress.  I’m not really a girly-girl, and I don’t necessarily want to raise one, but it could very well be out of my hands.  I give you Exhibit A.

My daughter's recent obsession. Contents: Aquaphor, hand sanitizer, bracelet, two LEGO men, 2 contacts cases, sunglasses, and a plastic egg with a $1 bill and loose change.

She “stole” this bag that I used to carry our passports and such on vacation and proceeded to fill it with the contraband you see in the picture.  Seriously.  And, she takes it almost everywhere with her.

She took a full two steps back in her classroom when I tried to get her to put it in her cubby, since I knew she would see red the instant one of her little buddies tried to get a grab at it.  She’s got her self-defense skills down, my daughter.

So, that’s where we are on the happenings of my almost-2-year-old little girl — I can’t believe it and can’t imagine what I’ll have to say about her in another two years.

Food, Clothing, or Shelter (i.e. Sleep) — what was/is your obsession?  What do you do to be a little less obsessed?  Why do you think you care about this one thing [so much] more than others?

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