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I remember from my childhood that this cake was the easiest and most popular cake in our house until my older sister started cooking and baking. From that day, we then had a much broader menu. My sister is now a fabulous cook and baker; and, thanks to her, I like to cook and bake, as well. She’s made a few changes (regarding the jam/preserve) to the cake, and I’m going to share them with you.

Here is the recipe:

Polish Chocolate Cake

3 tablespoons milk

2 sticks butter

3 tablespoons cocoa (unsweetened)

1 1/4 cup white sugar

Simmer (stirring) over low heat untill the batter is smooth.

Cool the batter and add

3 yolks

Mix it well with a spoon.

(Leave half cup of this batter for later. it will make great chocolate glaze for the cake.)


1 1/2 cup of all-purpose flower

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

to the rest of that chocolate batter.

Mix it well.

Beat the remaining egg whites with a mixer.

Add it to the chocolate batter and mix it with a spoon untill smooth.

Spray a 9 inch banking pan with cooking spray and pour the batter into it.

Bake for 30 min, at 370F.

After the cake is done and cooled, pour the remaining batter (chocolate glaze) onto it.

My advice:

Before you put the icing onto the cake, you can cut the cake in half longwise. On the top of the bottom half spread some strawberry jam/preserve (or whatever jam/preserve you like). Put the top part back, and then cover it with the chocolate icing/glaze.

I don’t usually get to add the jam because my husband doesn’t like it.  I like the jam, though! 😉

Next time I’ll make two ;).

Right now, I’ll take it with some fresh strawberries on top! Soooo delicious!

If you make it, please let me know how it comes out! I’d like to know your opinion, and maybe a few of you who love to bake will make a few changes to this recipe, too. If you do, please let me know, as I’d be happy to try it myself!

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Ewa Samples

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