ILLINOIS, USA: Visiting Our Family on the Eastern Shore

A death occurred in the family on my husband’s side a few weeks past.  Suddenly, the house was filled with children walking around in confused excitement, while adults were cleaning frantically and packing bags.  Plans were cancelled, and a few hours later, 3 a.m. to be exact, we were in the car sleepy-eyed and nervous.

A handful of drunk drivers zipped by as we drove from the countryside down into Chicago and out again.  A couple of relatively narrow misses had me thankful that my husband is very alert early in the morning.

And, thinking about our friend who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 19.  And, wishing that the drunk drivers we saw would be pulled over by the police and arrested to protect others like him.  Nobody should have to bury a friend as young as he was, as young as we were. (more…)