SOUTH AFRICA: New Year’s Resolutions – For Them or Against?

I’m 42 yrs old, and the only New Year’s Resolution I have managed to keep is the one I made several years ago to stop making New Year Resolutions!

It took me that long to stop setting myself up for failure. You see, for as long as I can remember I’ve always felt that I just simply was “not good enough” so, every year, I’d promise myself that this year I’d finally be “good enough” if I lost 30 pounds, started exercising, became better at housekeeping and cooking healthy food, whilst at the same time started earning more money and volunteering at my kids’ school and donating more to charity and writing a novel and, and, and, and …. my list never ended!

Invariably, before the end of January, all my good intentions had been crushed by reality (“the road to hell is paved with good intentions”), and I would end up feeling even more useless than before!

So what changed? You know the saying that if you don’t respond to the “tap on the shoulder” the Universe will “drop a piano on your head”? Well, several years ago, I woke up in the worst pain I’d ever been in (except, maybe, for when I was in labour), and for several months we didn’t know what was causing it. (more…)

Mamma Simona (South Africa)

Mamma Simona was born in Rome (Italy) but has lived in Cape Town (South Africa) since she was 8 years old. She studied French at school but says she’s forgotten most of it! She speaks Italian, English and Afrikaans. Even though Italian is the first language she learned, she considers English her "home" language as it's the language she's most comfortable in. She is happily married and the proud mother of 2 terrific teenagers! She also shares her home with 2 cats and 2 dogs ... all rescues. Mamma Simona has worked in such diverse fields as Childcare, Tourism, Library Services, Optometry, Sales and Admin! (With stints of SAHM in-between). She’s really looking forward to the day she can give up her current Admin job and devote herself entirely to blogging and (eventually) being a full-time grandmother!

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