Lately in my country of Indonesia there have been two ‘incidents’ where women were being pretty much criticized for the way they dressed.

Last year, much to everyone’s shock, our very own governor of Jakarta said women should not wear mini skirts to avoid being raped after a woman was raped in minivan in public. This outrageous comment led hundreds of women to take to the central streets of Jakarta – yes, wearing their miniskirts —  and they demonstrated against censorship of their clothing. I highly saluted these women for standing up for what’s right.

I love my miniskirts, and when I pair them with my wedges they accentuate my legs. Of course, I don’t go with the super miniskirts, ahem, but I do wear them once in awhile. Why do I wear them? Because it makes me feel good about myself, it shows off my legs, and I do love my legs. But do I wear it to attract the opposite sex? Never even crosses my mind, to be honest.

Then just a day ago I saw yet another article of a police officer reprimanding a young teenage girl because she was wearing shorts – the reason? To avoid “pornography.”

Fortunately – or unfortunately?

Indonesia is not a Muslim country with Muslim laws that requires all women to cover up, but when the government starts to dictate how women should dress to avoid dirty minds to react, it sounds so shallow doesn’t it?

For the police/government to be so concerned about the way women are dressing themselves, I think it’s them who are at fault for being oversexed and misogynistic. This leads me to the point that my country isn’t governed by Muslim law, so they have no grounds to force women to adopt Muslim country’s dress code, such as exists, for example, in Saudi Arabia.

This leads me to the questions of how can we teach our children to be respectful of the opposite sexes from early on? I have a son, and it is my hope for him to be respectful towards women.  I am trying hard to teach my son to be nice to girls and be gentle.  My wish is that he will grow up with enough respect of women and enough self-control and morals, so no matter how a girl dresses he will act honorably.

Having said that, I have no idea how to raise a girl, but from what my mother always told me when I was much younger, “It is a lot harder to watch a girl than a herd of sheep.”  Is that true?

What do you think about this? As Moms do you control how your daughters dress? Do you wear miniskirts?

This is an original post to World Moms Blog by Maureen of Indonesia  from Tatter Scoops.

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