This week we honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the United States.  He would have turned 83 this year.  In his “I have a dream…” speech, Dr. King said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

This week Eva Fannon, the Saturday Sidebar Editor, asked our World Moms,

“What dream do you have for your child(ren)?”

Check out what some of our moms want for their child(ren)…

Mannahattamamma of United Arab Emirates writes:
“I can’t say anything more eloquent than Dr. King, that’s for sure. Sadly, I think his dream–Barack Obama aside–is still a long way from being reality, which means that my dreams for my kids are the same: that they will be judged by their character and not by their skin or hair or eyes.

Arab Spring suggests that others around the world share King’s dream–and the responses to Arab Spring suggest that as in the U.S., many people are terrified at the idea of change. That’s the big dream.

The small, very local dream? That my kids would stop fighting over whose Lego pieces belong to whom. I mean, we only have about 85 gazillion pieces. Is it impossible to share? Sigh.”

Mamma Simona of South Africa writes:
“My dream for my children (now 19 and 16 years old respectively) is that they stay true to who they are. That they don’t allow peers, media or anyone/anything else to compromise their morals and ethics. I hope that they keep being the change they want to see in the world. So far they have managed admirably but the true test will come when they create families of their own some day. I’m cautiously optimistic that the next generation will be better than we are! :)”

Multitasking Mumma of Ontario, Canada writes: 
“I hope that my child is independent, uses her voice to stand up for herself in a diplomatic way, stands up for others, and is an advocate for things that she believes in. I want her to always be passionate about her goals and to remember that happiness is more important than money. I also hope that she leads her life with integrity.”

ThirdEyeMom of Minnesota, USA writes:
“I dream that my children grow up to be happy people who give back and contribute to the world. Who accept others for all their differences and live with honesty and integrity. I also dream for world peace and a safer world and environment.”

Jennifer Burden of New Jersey, USA writes:
“Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is one of my favorites. I love this idea to discuss the dreams that we have for our children — great idea, Eva!

My dream for my daughters is that they will live their lives for themselves, and not to try to please others. That they will be brave and strong when going after what lights up their hearts most. That they will highly value the importance of helping others and demonstrate it throughout their lives to their future families. That they will not stereotype people and know the importance of getting to know individuals. That they will be curious and question EVERYTHING!”

Courtney Cappallo of Massachusetts, USA writes:
“My dream for my children is that they are able to follow their own dreams. I hope for them that they find their passion. I desire for them to do what they love in life and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride while doing it.”

Maggie Ellison of South Carolina, USA writes:
“I dream that my kids will find what makes them passionate about life and follow it.”

What about you?  What do you dream for your child(ren)?

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Photo credit to Eva Fannon.  Artistic credit to her five year old daughter, who wants to be a firefighter when she grows up.

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