It's so hard not to give into that face!

I grew up in a very structured house with clear rules, expectations, and responsibilities. There were consequences for inappropriate behaviour, and we were well aware of them.

One parent was not more lenient than the other, they worked as a team.

At the time I thought they were unfair, overbearing, and awful. I felt like I had no freedom, had to plead every time I wanted responsibility, and was missing out on excitement.

Looking back, I can see that I was given a stable home, independence and the ability to learn from my mistakes.

Now that I have a child of my own, I am quickly learning that consistency, structure, and a united front is crucial in raising a child.

But it is difficult.

Following through, remembering consequences, and not giving in to cute smiling faces can be torture!

As can working together as a team, even when sometimes you don’t agree, supporting one another and being there to encourage your partner when times get rough.

Whenever you bring two people from different backgrounds, potentially different religions and different upbringings, you are faced with the challenge of discovering how you flow as a family.

How far each person can bend until they start to show signs of wear.

Nothing can prepare you for the challenges of parenthood; no amount of reading, parenting classes, or phone calls to seasoned parents; however, a solid foundation, support, and a united front against the children who are inevitably going to attempt to break you will be your saving grace.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world, knowing where you can turn for back up may just help you when the troops get restless.

When your struggling to hold your ground as a parent, who do you turn to for back-up or support?  

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