WMB Writer Kyla P’an and her kindred spirit in parenting, Rachel Osen.

There are so many different parenting styles in the world, which makes World Moms Blog writer, Tara B. ask,

“Do you have a kindred spirit in parenting? Aside from the bond of motherhood and the fact that all moms want the best for their kid…is there someone you know who operates just like you on the basic nuts and bolts of day to day parenting?  If so, how did you find him/her?”

Check out what some of our World Moms had to say…

Kyla P’an of Massachusetts, USA writes:
“Yes, my friend in Montana, Rachel Osen. I don’t know if it’s because our kids are the same genders and exactly the same ages, or if it’s because our pre-children adulthood was so parallel, but she’s one of the few people I can be so open with about the trials and tribulations of parenting. I feel like we protect or guard our true selves all the time, much like Ruth Wong discussed in Motherhood is NOT a Competition, but I never feel that way with Rachel.”

Karyn Van Der Zwet of New Zealand writes:
“My lovely friend, Andrea. Both of us have three children with similar temperaments in the same birth order, and have made similar mistakes and made huge efforts to address the consequences of those mistakes.”

Jennifer Burden of New Jersey, USA writes:
“Courtney Cappallo and I are different in that she home schools and I don’t. And she incorporates more art in her parenting than I do. However, when it comes to raising kids bilingual when you don’t really speak the second language well and backyard vegetable gardening with the family, I feel like she totally gets me! Otherwise, I think I always find a piece of how I parent in common with or I take away a new piece from the mothers I interact with, which is fun.”

Travel Lady with Baby of Quebec, Canada writes:
“I am fortunate enough to have one such friend, we met early on in a fitness class, and our sons are a month apart. Even though we grew up differently, and have careers that are polar opposite, we have the same basic values. We can hang out with our kids, or alone with a glass of wine. Nothing changes! I love that I can swear like a truck driver with her, complain about politics or our insane families!”

FireCrystals of India writes:
“Our doctor Anupama – I love her no-nonsense parenting style. She neither coddles the child too much, nor does she lay a finger on the child. She exercises her authority very clearly and makes sure that her daughter tows the line. Love watching her interact with her daughter.”

Eva Fannon of Washington State, USA writes:
“I have a few mom friends that I relate to as working moms, but there is one in particular who I definitely consider a kindred spirit in parenting even though we only met a couple of years ago.  We both come from Hispanic families, and both married non-Hispanic men.  We both have two kids, close in age, but opposite gender.  We have lots of fun reminiscing about our own childhood and laughing…we can always make each other laugh.  (Just a couple of days ago we were laughing about the fact that she never hears the word “vagina” in her house and I never hear the word “penis” in mine.)  We also share ideas and information on how to deal with difficult parenting situations (both for our kids, but also older parents), and how to better incorporate our culture into our mixed families.  I feel so lucky our paths crossed! 🙂 ”

What about you…who is your kindred spirit in parenting?  

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Photo credit to Kyla P’an.   

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