Start off the week on Monday with World Moms Blog in New Jersey, USA, where Veronica Samuels, is back to reflect on life, parenting and not always getting what you want.  It’s  a must read and just in time, if you are planning to do any holiday shopping for the kids!

Tuesday, we cross the Atlantic again to check in with our resident British Navy wife and mom, Jenny Warren, in England, UK!  Wednesday, meet us back in New Jersey, USA, where our Basque heritage queen, Kally Mocho, writes about her tough decision on male circumcision.

Thursday is the holiday of Thanksgiving in the USA.  We will post our question for our WMB writers about the traditions involved.  Friday, we’re headed up to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, where our world-class homeschooling mom, Courtney Cappallo, reflects on her child’s infamous nickname and her brand new milestone!

And, don’t miss the last of III parts of Maggie Ellison’s “Too Loud” series on special needs of the “Special Saturday Edition” we’ve been running from the low country of South Carolina, USA!

In news this week, we’ve added two new writers to our blog!  Shaula Bellour will be writing from the country of East Timor, and Margie Bryant will be writing from the state of Arkansas, USA.

Also, we’ve hit over 100 fans of World Moms Blog on Facebook!  We grow by word of mouth.  Do you know someone who might be interested in reading or writing for our blog?  Please pass on our link or suggest friends for us on Facebook!

We have many great reflections this week.  So, buckle your seat belts and log in for another exciting journey with our World Moms Blog writers!

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