NORWAY: So Long Jimmy Choos – Hello Uggs

I remember a long time ago, before my wee lad was born,  I would notice mothers or pregnant women, and  I seemed to notice that there were two types: the ones that were beautiful, elegant and always poised and the other type, who weren’t.

I would think “why don’t they look after themselves?” I mean, how difficult can it be to put on a pair of nice high heels and some mascara?!  Why didn’t these women make a little bit of an effort?

There was never a question in my mind what type of mother I was going to be! ( And just in case you were wondering, I was going to be elegant, always wearing clean and freshly ironed clothes, my handbag matching my shoes and so on) (more…)

Astrid Warren (Norway)

Astrid is a Norwegian thirty something, married, working mum to a wee lad who is almost three and a baby born in 2012! She grew up in Norway, but moved to London, England after she met her husband. After living there during her twenties, she has since returned to Norway and settled down in her nation's capital of Oslo to raise her family. She finds herself slowly turning into her own mother as her free time is spent reading, walking, knitting and meeting up with other mums for coffee. (Ok, she still secretly loves going to the pub, too!). However, there isn't much time for any of the above, as she now enjoys spending most of her time crawling around on the floor, while playing with her children! Check out her blog, Quintessentially Burrows. She's also on Twitter @MrsSWarren.

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